Hour of Slack 719

LDS Intro - HoS 284 Intro
Wild at Heart "Mah Dawg is always WITH me" and "Silent Night" in dog yaps

Arnold Mathes collage "BOB" on THE INVADERS

Hemmorroy Rogers "I Am Retarded", "Eat, Dream, Kill, Eat"


ESO 1-13-00 radio

Mothersbaugh Xmas CD, Cut 3

"Convoy" by Pink Filth

The Jethros "Close to You"

ESO con't: Dave's Holyman and The Cosmic Sphincter; WE'RE GONNA GO DOWN; Don't Look Up; PRUNES


HoS284 The Invaders "Bob" lines con't. by Arnold MAthes

Burroughs on Drugs

Robocop "Bob" lines

Mojo Nixon "Gonna Be a New World"

ESO 1-13-00 Big Crybabies in the Plasma Pond; I AM A NEWLY CREATED BEING!!

Bill T. Miller "Religion is Poison"

ESO 1-13-00: The Amsterdam Devival;

Hemorroy Rogers: "You Are the Tard"

KPFA classic "DUNE = ARAKIS" radio w/ Papa Joe

ESO Chas and the Red Shift; "MATTER -- IT DOESN'T MATTER" Wei rant

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