HOUR OF SLACK 720 (rerun of#552)

H-552, Side 1

THOUGHT ALCHEMY by Von Grafen (amazing rants by old SubMember, very hard-hitting and depressing, excerpted throughout this show)

Nice titles w/ young Sivet from Intros col./Chas intro f/ESO


THE MENDELSONICS -- "Hawaii 5-0" instrumental from Columbus Subshow

Stang does credits, intro

PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES barrage mix by Rev. DAD TOWNSEND, recut by Stang

ESO RADIO (WCSB Cleveland) -- Einstein's Secret Orchestra, 10-24-96: Lonesome Cowboy Dave intros STANG'S PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SPEECH (guided by Dave while Chas pumps along on keyboard) Stang's off-cuff PatrioPsychotic AnarchoMaterialist speech (includes riff off Dynasoar's "Every SubGenius should be President")

THOUGHT ALCHEMY continues, "you're a loser"

THE FLYIN' RYAN BROS: "Signs of the Times"

ESO cont: Stang & Dave "DOOMSAYING, end of the world" w/ Koyaanisquatsi music, ++
ends with "cut your feet off to make you fit the coffin"


Thought Alchemy cont.

Thrill Kill Kult: "Hot Blood Rising"

Thought Alchemy cont.

ESO RADIO "Doomsday" cont. --
"You gonna call The Man at 911, or you gone call 669-2323 and talk to the Man with the Pipe?" Rant about The Faithless. (++)... The Morlocks (us) vs. the Eloi (them).

Thrill Kill: "Universal Luxury" clip

St@ndrew's INTRO RANT from COLUMBUS DEVIVAL 10-27-96

leads into

Dr. DYNASOAR song "Mr. Xist Man"

ESO Radio cont:
X-DAY rant, builds up to impromptu "Stang's First Day on the Escape Vessels" "skit," Stang meets Elvis, Lenny Bruce on his Escape Vessel, then becomes bored with Escape Vessels after about 4 hours of all wishes being granted, then LCDave shows up and forces Stang to realize that things have been going horribly wrong aboard the Escape Vessels... DOBBS & JESUS GYPPED US! "Hound Dog" Elvis/ESO version

PO Boxes, credits, end


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