Hour of Slack 629 "BOSTON DEVIVAL Pt. 1"


KPFA 8/8/97-2 ("JANOR SHOW") open

IrREV. FRIDAY JONES "Your Slack Powers"

KPFA -- "Primitive SubGenii" cave-sub scene

Legume & Ed Strange, Prozac Free Radio, WMUH, quickie grunts

DIMUZIK/First Church of Elvis (Warren, TX) -- "CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS" "song" from end of tape

REV. MOE JOE WALKER -- "FRIEND IN "BOB" (GREAT all-new "Bob" song handed to me on cassette at the Boston devival)

(STINKING LIZAVETA instrumentals from "Salughterhouse" as background music:)
STANG blabs news re: X-Day P.R. Blitz of 4-28-98, new Stark Fist, INWO/SubGenius game, long rant praising and describing the Boston Devival

POPE DAVID N. MEYER "I AM THE CONSPIRACY" live at The Middle East, Boston SubGenius devival (from videotape sound (thanks, Modemac!)


POPE MEYER continued

(Pope Meyer is accompanied musically on this incredible rant by Rev. Cleve "Donut" Dunkan, Rev. D.K. Jones, Rev. Dryfoo and KING OF SLACK, Bill T. Miller!)

KPFA Berkeley Sub show, Dr. Howll and Puz-Ev: "It Was a Young World"

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA, ESO Radio 4-17-98 (recorded in ESO home studio, not broadcast) -- Beginning of new "Torturing Lonesome Cowboy Dave in his Tuna Can on the Way to Alpha Centauri" -- this segment: "Dave's Female Shipboard Computer" (from side 1, Pt. 1)

Dr. K'TADEN LEGUME live sermon at Boston Devival: beginning of the second section of his rant (post cat-killing story), "The End is Near"

ESO Dave torture continued: "DAVE IN VIETNAM" (from last third of Side 2 Tape 1) -- "wiping his friend's face off his face"

DR. K'TAKEN LEGUME (from LATER in his Boston rant) : to "The End is Come", with background synth music by The GRIPTION CLENCH

ESO continued: Dave on Planet of the Apes

DR. K'TAKEN LEGUME continued: "It's Harvest Time"

ESO continued: "Suspect #4, Take Your Pants Down for the Ritual" -- to "Dave Mows the 2000 degree Firey Lawn of Heaven"

LEGUME continued: "Cheap Weed Farmers," "Anton LaVey's Last Words"

Stang does PO Box, credits

LEGUME continued, with GRIPTION CLENCH MUSIC mixed in: his astounding all-Bible-Nonsense X-Day rant until tape runs out (continued next show)

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