Hour of Slack 668 -- "Frappy Last Year II" -- ESO, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Jesus & Firesign Theater

Side One

TITLE, Wellman on KPFA intro

Stang discusses upcoming tapes; background music by Arnold Mathes from new CD, DEVIATIONS

Eainstein's Secret Orchestra radio, WCSB Cleveland, 12-10-98: Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave: "We Saved Them from Heaven's Gate," Y2K yak, the Bonobo Chimpanzee Committee Hearings, Stang vs. the Ken Starr IRS Audit

ESO VOLUME 12 (collage edit by Chas Smith of the ESO show mixed with his audio collection of bulldada) -- SPACE collage; Chas and L.C. Dave re: CHRISTIANITY in general; collage.

(Last half of album) -- Dr. Onan Winkydink, General Y2K, Joe Camel rant, The Idea of America, End, Goodbye, Firesign's Predictions


ESO Vol. 12 -- Chas Smith collage: Space, Science, Superstition and Humanity; Lonely Caller on Xian radio; To Come Is To Believe; "We Have the Grey Hand," Chas on Moonbilly Cadillac; Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Chas radio flights

Stang does PO boxes over ESO loop

ESO Radio 1-1-99: New Years show with call-in from Dallasian and Austinite Church Hierarchy: Stang imitates Rev. Jim Jones; JESUS CHRIST on New Vices for the New Year's Revolution 99, our Weekly World News ad, hate of Akron; COL. SPHINX DRUMMOND gives warnings of eyeball surgery; Stang on Moonpants Flooding, INSPIRING END OF ESO NEW YEARS SHOW (with Chas Smith, Princess Wei R. Doe, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Stang)++

ESO Vol. 12 music

PO Box info, SubG and ESO (ESO: PO Box 81555, Cleveland OH 44181)

ESO 12-10-98: GREAT stretch: "Build Your Own Ship" vs. "Make Your Own Reality" New Age argument between Dave and Stang; Bleeply's Believe It or Not; the Special Glasses for Scanning the Ridges, which Replace Viagra (Bleepo Abernathy); Bleepo, Dave, Chas Stang and Princess on how Evolution Stopped For Awhile at Toads and the little-discussed Age of Giant Reptilian Mammals++


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