HoS 453 -- ATLANTA, script

Ah yes dear friends... because I can't find anything appropriate to CUT to after that, I should explain what's going on here. You and me both are listening to recordings from our SubGenius devival, radio show and panel discussions in Atlanta last week during the Dragon Con science fiction and Bettie Page convention there, and associated WREK-Atlanta broadcasts, where, due largely to the efforts of Rev. Susie the Floozy and LAMAR, we were able to effect a gathering of Church hierarchites such as Puzzling Evidence, Father Joe Mama, St. Janor Hypercleats, and last but not least THE SWINGIN' LOVE CORPSES complete with Dr. Philo Drummond, the most horrible Overman alive!! So much aural bewonderment resulted from this particular SubGenius conflagration that next week's show will probably be more of the same. This was the CAPPER EVENT to a very busy month for yours truly, Rev. Ivan Stang, dear friends. While pore old St. Palmer Vreedees has slaved away on the final chapters of our new book REVELATION X, I have been gallivanting around all July. I performed a really touching long duration-style marriage in Chicago, then attended the X-Day Pilgrimage in Portland, and the 9th annual SubGenius Devulval in Seattle, which were, uh... well I had a great time with the Mr. & Mrs. Nenslo and Dr. Onan and Dr. Howll and Dr. Hosler from Negativland and all those wonderful expresso-drinkin' beatniks... and I just got back from this Atlanta shindig and tomorrow I leave for the denuded Paganistical outdoor campout conclave called STARWOOD. So you better believe this show and the next one are being THROWN TOGETHER in this brief interim at the home throne office here in Dallas. BUT ENOUGH HOLY GOSSIP! Let's go back to the Swingin' Love Corpses live concert at the Atlanta DragonCon Geek Festival...

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