Hour of Slack # 669 + ESO NEEDS WOMEN

(Hey! That's part of our toll free phone number! 888-669-2323! I just realized that! DUH!!)

This is another one of those mostly-Einstein's Secret Orchestra radio show Hours of Slack. However, it's editted all to HECKITTY! Chas Smith had barrage-n-clip-cut various show bits into an ESO VOLUME 12, and I also mixed in longer stretches from the 12-10-98 amd 12-17-98 ESO shows, to which I called in, as well as Rev. Bleepo Abernathy. And some mystery callers! With regulars Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Proncess Wei R. Doe in the WCSB studio in Cleveland.

Some important new concepts are uncovered in this one! And, of course, there's a constant "rug" of ESO background instrumental music, featuring the otherworldly violin stylings of the otherworldly Michele George (aka Mrs. Smith -- CHAS's Mrs. Smith).


The Einstein's Secret Orchestra Dancers, who made such a splash at the ESO concert at X-Day 98, won't be there this year! Chas wants to RECRUIT NEW DANCERS! He said, all they have to do is SLINK and SLIDE and wear the cool ESO Dancer costumes. I already volunteered someone else, my insane belly dancing Connietite wife. But, the more the merrier!

If you're interested, email Chas Smith <eso@wcsb.org>



Stang bitches about the Red Chinese-like Republicans again, with their anti-privacy, Big-Brother-In-the-Bedroom-for-Jesus schtick, then reads a little interesting zoological facts, and plugs an extremely educational hard science fiction book, EARTH by David Brin (takes place in a very plausible 2040 -- the '90s equivalent of John Brunner's amazing STAND ON ZANZIBAR and THE SHEEP LOOK UP from the 60s -- which perfectly predicted the '90s!).

ESO Vol. 12 (side 2) -- "We Are All the Sons and Daughters of God"

Chas's fake cut-up phone interview with depressed woman who had a private eye watch her husband's cheating

Song parodying Chuck Berry's video-camera-in-the-bathroom thing (author unknown)

ESO Vol. 12: Stang, Dave, Chas on DEMON SOULS and demon physiology; their all-Angel diet

PRANK CALL from the CD "MELBA COMES ALIVE" by Brother Russell -- "Blood and sports caller"

Stang gives addresses

ESO 12-17-98: misc. blather as show starts up; Vol 12: space collage

ESO 12-10-98: "Magical Science" lectures by Bleepo, Stang and Dave about what life was like when we were giant amphibians in the Age of Amphibians... how cool it was to have lungs. (Classic Forbidden Science spew)


Song, "TIRED OF WAITING" by Mary McGuire and Cosmic Dali

Stang gives addresses, enthuses briefly on what a DOLL Mary McGuire is.

12-17-98 ESO: Dave, Wei, Chas -- CRUISE MISSILES of CHRISTMAS ("Cruise-mas"); THE ARMIES OF THE UNDEAD in BHAGDAD; excellent psychoto-babble about Operation Desert Fox

Song "ANDROMEDA" by ARNOLD MATHES from his new CD compilation

More addresses.

ESO Vol 12: Carl Sagan on evolution

ESO 12-17-98: Smoking Demons


ESO 12-17-98: "The Season of Advert;" "The Glitches in Book of the SubGenius v.1.01b"

Stang does PO Boxes (ESO: PO Box 81555, Cleveland OHIO 44181)

ESO 12-10-98 (END): "It's All So Strange" (Wei); caller re: "How Many Rodents could Schrodinger's Cat Kill?"

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