HoS 755 Einstein's Secret Hour of Slack

I have been commiting old reel to reel SubGenius master tapes to CD, starting with Media Barrage 10 and some music. However, I didn't use any of that material for this show, which, aside from the Drs. 4 "Bob" classic "THE EXPLANATION," is ALL NEW NU NOOO!! Much good recent ESO radio preachery had accumulated, and new contributed music from here and there.

Notice: only 31 tracks in this show! (Over 50 has been average lately.) Last Thursday's (9-28-00) ESO Swamp Radio show went so smoothly that I used the whole last 15 minutes of it uncut as the end of this Hour of Slack show. Chas Smith's ESO Swamp Radio originates Thursday nights at midnight EST on WCSB, Cleveland.

1 Pat Paulson endorses Dobbs for Vice President 00:10

2 Latest "Cecelia" prog distortion of Stang/Bleepo Show Title 00:34

3 ESO radio, WCSB 9-13-00 -- Chas music behind intro nonsense, "LarryMoeCurly" chant, Dave monomanialog 01:51

4 Credits -- Stang intros show (all bg music from Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar instrumentals) 01:00

5 Excerpt 1; DRS. FOR "BOB" "THE EXPLANATION" (Pope Sternodox vocals) 02:13

6 Zappa- "Bob is not Michael Jackson" 00:04
7 ESO 9-13-00 radio: Stang, Dave, Chas quote Zappa, misc. hipsters, discuss the Blessednes of the Retarded, How "Bob's" Love is not for Chickens; many Enlightenment one-liners 02:31

8 GONG from album "Zero to Infinity" -- The Body Song 04:02

9 Credits 2 00:34

10 ESO radio 9-13-00 Dave and Stang on the Remains of the Ark, Noah's Ark Sub style; Hendrix and other quotes about The Future (from a book of Quotations assembled by Art Spiegelman), Brecht on the Ultimate Joke 02:27

11 DRS. 4 "BOB" -- the EXPLANATION con't 01:17

12 MINISTRY - "PSALM 69" excerpt 02:29

13 WhatAboutBob collage run through Cecelia filter warpage 00:16

14 "Look But Don't Touch" - song by TheNerve (www.thenerve.org)! 03:07

15 Credits3 00:44

16 LeibsTransp-- German folk music run through Cecelia transposer filter 00:09

17 Explanation con't - "The Rules" POPE STERNODOX 02:16

18 Cornholio Megamix 2 by Masterman 02:03

19 ESO radio - 9-13-00 MQuotes about Monsters in society 01:08

20 SouthPark Compilation 2 (by unknown; copped off internet) 01:43
21 gLeibsfade 00:06

22 ESO9-13-oo " Mescalito is not an ally..." Drugs Dieties discussion 00:42

23 Tasty PrairieSquid Spread -- Pope Sternodox news 00:16

24 The Anachronauts "Perpetual Motion" (song about noble kook inventor) 03:49

25 Credits 4 00:46

26 ESO radio 9-28-00: CAPSULE HISTORY of EVOLUTION, Noah's Ark vs. Neanderthals, Khazars and Yetis, "Come unto "BOB"!", Chas and the Lard; Roger Died; The Stark Fist is Real; Are you ADDICTED to your HOBBY, your CRUTCH?? -- Let "Bob" smoke you; Dave rant; A GREAT HAIRY UBERVOMAN; These Atoms Won't Be Yours Forever; The End of the Show, Chas does credits END 15:46

27 PO Box by DK Jones 00:50

28 "Mammoth Car" instumental, only Modemac can explaiN! 00:57

29 ESO 9-6-00 - First Albums Bought; Hendrix was SF; Dave and Firesign Theater 01:00

30 "34 Rocks" COLLAGE by Magma 3 00:10

31 ESO radio 9-6-00 Ed Strange, Stang, Chas Dave discuss rock music collections, leading to Stang discussing Harryhausen movies, and describes how special effects genius Ray Harryhausen became paranoid and suspicious of The Church of the SubGenius... show ends with pretty African music after Stang envisions Harryhausen envisioning a horde of SubGenii rapists trying to molest his ball and socket classic monster animation armature figures 04:25

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