Hour of Slack 830 (Rerun of OLD show tape, #286)

We were busy doing live devivals and had to send out reruns again. This show from 11 years ago sounds like it was done yesterday, on account of the multiple Bush emperorships.

1 Credits-Explanation 02:07

2 HoS 286 A 15:40
Bleepo "Abnormal" Quoate
Robocop "HoSII" Intro
Time Machine -- "Time Changes Space"
Clebe McClary on Stang
MTV-SubG spot
Rant on Freedom of Speech
Jello Biafra on his Bust

3 HoS 286 Aa 07:23
Memory Sickness from Killing Fields
Hunter S. Thompson on Bush I
George Bush in "The Time Machine"
KPFA "America Slack"

4 HoS 286 Ab 05:16
Robocop: "Cut Us Some Slack"
"Bob" and BibleMoney
(from Townsend) Pledge Barrage
Robocop- Dugs
The Monitors

5 HoS 286 B 11:59
Danny Sugarman on Jim Morrison
Tim Leary on "Choosing Your Majors"

6 HoS 286 Bb "YahwehOne" song by Rev. 3.0 03:46

7 HoS 286 Bc 12:32
MTV News
Order of Dagon rant... Mezlim title of order
Fr. Guido Sarducci
Rant on LIES IN AMERICAN LIFE from news, Neal Wilgus' National Cathedral rumor, end

8 EndID-PO-WWW 00:59

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