HOUR OF SLACK #513 -- Stang "New Rant" and KPFA Trip Show:

New "cult" collage intro


KPFA Subshow with Sterno as guest... great Hal & Sterno Dokstok promises.

Stang on Slack Crusade Devival Tour dates... plus "NEW RANT." (See NOTE below)

More SURFACE NOISE (this is a semi-Negativland-like band)

ESO Radio clips: Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Chas discuss the Alien Smegma Pie as father and son in an improv "skit"

SIDE TWO: all from a Puzzling Evidence KPFA broadcast done right after his cross-country trip visiting old SubDoks, 9-1-95, with tapes collected from/with them. Includes:

Negativland OTE piece, unreleased

G.GORDON GORDON tape, "Communication from The Other Side (with "Scratching")" -- (hey GGG, who's the guy on the right channel? That's a COOL TAPE by the way! How come I never got a copy??!?!?)

Philo sputters and spews

Stang & Wellman read the graffitti on the fence on the Grassy Knoll at Dealy Plaza

Janor Hypercleats: ad for movie "THE THING WITH NO FACE" w/ Welmanization

((NOTE: A couple of months ago Sister Tarla got fed up with my endless detailed descriptions of website engineering problems and actually PAID ME TEN BUCKS to "RANT" on religious subjects again like in the old days, as if website engineering problems around here WEREN'T a religious subject... but I know what she means. Well, I haven't been feeling all that "FUNNY" lately. In fact a lot of the time I've felt like PURE GRADE D REHEATED SHIT, shrivelled up like s SPIDER on a HOT STOVE. However, suddenly at the end of every day of total utter depression and horror, I would always come up with ONE REALLY GOOD SUBGENIUS PITHY QUOTE TYPE LINE. A line which at the time was all too biterrly and literally true, but which I KNEW EVEN THEN was nevertheless a GOOD LINE. (If you wonder what I was so depressed about, it was because I lost my teddy bear. Momma found it though.) And I never forgot Tarla's $10, so each day I would write that little cathartic line down. Finally, with the thought of that long-since-spent $10 to motivate me, I compiled all those one-liners forged in pain into ONE MODERATE LENGTH NEW RANT, which I think I'll incorporate into the compressed "SUBGENIUS 101" rant-with-video that I canned for the GWAR shows and never got to use, so on this Slack Crusade Tour I'll have a nice mix of classic old and brand new rant-shit. I tried the sermon out on this HOUR OF SLACK, and it's fine being SPOKEN, but as text it reads kinda disconnected still. ... well, after I rewrite it I'll post it here and then I'll have the Tarla Guilt off my back. I guess I better do that AND MEMORIZE IT FAST.

But here's my favorite line from it:

You can be ALONE... with "Bob."

In my opinion that one sentence is well worth the $10. Whether it's worth what PROMPTED it... I dunno....

Hour of SLack #514, "NY SLAKFUX DEVIVAL" Part One

G.GORDON GORDON "DOBBS MUSEUM TOUR" MONOLOG INTRO "Here's Dobbs on his big white harse..."

Stang reviews BRIO Christian teen girl magazine (High Weirdness Any Way You Can Get It Series, #1). With smarmy Christian background music supplied by Nenslo.

NEW YORK SLAKFUX DEVIVAL TAPES PART 1 (taken with very little editting from Bill T. Miller's tape)

Kid Ginsu, BTM open
Pope David N. Meyer rant
Kings of Feedback: "B.O.B.," "Bob Is a Sex God," etc.

G.Gordon Gordon "Dobbs Museum Tour" continued

KPFA clips 9-23-95 -- Puzzling Evidence & Dr. Howll

Brain Rot Radio (ESO Radio) -- "THE BOB & CONNIE SHOW" sitcom skit (Lonesome, Stang, Wei, Psycho, Chas)

NY Devival cont.: Kings of Feedback, "Used Slack 4 Sale"


Father Joe Mama: "THE HISTORY OF LIES" rant

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