Hour of Slack 523

Opening clips, KPFA '83 w/ Glassmadness -- "Bucket of Slack"


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Stang rant: The HOUR OF SLACK Battle Manual

by The UnaBobber

The Hour of Slack is a manual for the modern rebel operating out of a Conspiracy-dominated society. The PatrioPsychotic-AnarchoMaterialist reasons behind military resistance against established state or occupational government are not the focus of this show. This show is merely instructions for those who feel the need to heed them. You may ask, "Why should anyone be interested in this Slack stuff? This is America, we are a free society, and we have a powerful Conspiracy to defend us. To this I reply, what are you, special? Do you think that just because you live in America you are immune to oppression, or UFO alien occupation? Just how free is this society you were told was free, and for how much longer? What makes you think that the Conspiracy is around just to protect you anyway? You cannot run away from the world. All you can do is prepare. Even if listening to this show is all you do, you'll be that much better off for it.

When the time comes that the information in this show is really needed, this show will no longer be on the air (and I will be in some stinking hole of a
political prison or mental hospital (same thing)). The information will have to be gained through experimentation, and trial and terror.

I'm not recommending that anyone go out and form a SubGenius Militia unit at THIS time. We do have it pretty good here in Texas. Just imagine what it is like in New Jersey. On the other hand, it is never too early to lay the foundation for a defensive organization, a local Slack Squad. Just looking around at this country filled to the brim with Pinkness gives me the creeps. We have the Senators, who are planning concentration camps for us as early as 1997. We have the A.T.F. guys who serve search warrants with hot lead instead of paper. We have the F.B.I. which can do whatever it wants in the interests of national
security including burglaries, electronic monitoring without warrants, and compiling lists of people to be labeled "bad credit risks" during future
wartime. We have the C.I.A. which does the same things even though domestic
intelligence is supposed to be strictly off limits to them. Yeah, this place seems great, but it is mainly because of what you don't know. The more you know, the more sense it makes to begin to prepare for the worst.

I don't feel the need to give a hard sell to anyone about this show. If you have even so much as heard of the Church of the SubGenius, then you are probably at least half-way Slackful. If you are half-way Slackful then you can see the need to prepare for the future, hence the need to hear this show. Whether you feel that you will need to defend yourself in the future from our government,
alien occupation, or your damn neighbors, this show is for you. This show
is pure instructional matter. I've included no personal stories, or
unrelevant information. It is simply a manual on guerrilla warfare in modern
societies. I think that most serious listeneres will be relieved that they will
not have to sift through a bunch of BSing to get to the facts. I know that
this is how "Bob" would want it.


THE KLINGONS: "Cloaking Device" (SubGenius band in Berlin, new tape)

Credits -- rap on X-Day Drill -- Intro to Legume

Dr. LEGUME "A Story of a Man" from Minneapolis Slack Crusade Tour Devival (an unusual delivery mode for Dr. Legume -- chanting gospel style)

Rap re: cutting the cussing; intro to:

R. MOON & THE NEW IMPROVED NIGHT NURSES: "Gender Bias/For Men Only" (Anti-P.C.-extremist rant-song)

Credits and PO boxes... Jesus enters studio despairing for his used van's brakes


WOMEN OF SODOM: "Doctor" excerpt

Misstress Connie's Confidential from Dobbs Hotline: "Is that a mighty big Pipe in your pocket or..."

LEGUME rant part 2: "X-Day/$30" rant -- from New York crusade devival

HUGE VOODOO: "Sinema" (sampled Blue Velvet monolog over music)


VAVOOM (Scott Orsi): "Electric Medicine"

Credits, PO Boxes, yak...

JOE AUFFRICHT "Stupid Dresses"

THE LEGAL DOCUMENTS GUY (messages from kook left on NORML (Cleveland) answer machine, rescued by Jesus

PO Box

HoS 524:

THE KLINGONS: "Illuminati Party"

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