Hour Of Slack #524

Legal Documents Guy (kook calls left on Cleveland NORML phone machine)

Stang short rap on The New Art Goal of the Church -- The Way of $$

KPFA '86 and misc. media barrage re: Millionairres, $

Legal Documents Guy

THE KLINGONS: "Illuminati Party" (Rev. Nancy Darnell & Rocking Wanke from Berlin) (EXCELLENT mix)

Stang reads "BOB'S" WATCHING (inspirational rant written for a Public Speaking class by Plano High School student Rachel Simon) with bg music by Brother Cleve, "DREAMSVILLE"

X-DAY DRILL promotional rant by Stang w/ bg music by Cosmic Triad (Rev. Ymmot Zepol) + bg lafftrack from Kid Ginsu (w/ Nickie-laff?)

Joe Auffricht: The "Ejaculate in My Pants" song

Janor Hypercleats: Psychic Network prank call (excerpt -- bad sound)

Goodly stretch of old KPFA ('86) with Glassmadness on Giant Mosquitos, Puz-Ev, Hal, Palmer, G'broagfran

Legal Documents Guy


Jesus Christ Devilacqua: "IF I WAS A SUBGENIUS" (Parody of Johnny Reb racist song, "If I Was a Nigger")

DK JONES Testimonial RANT (with Huge Voodoo) from NYC Slack Crusades Devival, Wetlands club -- "It's "BOB"!"

BOOGER 9000 -- "Kill for God" bootleg (Joe Newman, Sphinx Drummond, Bill, etc. in practice session, covertly recorded) special "Let's go out and buttfuck "Bob" version


DR. BIZARRO -- "The Big Machine" 1st two songs from Zappaeasque SubGenius Rock Opera

Rev. Velveteen Sly, Sister Heidi, Sister Herbiage "Morality Play" from Madison Slack Crusade Devival, off CD-in-progress (Excerpt -- ends with "It's the only market we've got!"

BILL T. MILLER THE KING OF SLACK -- "Used Slack/GimmeBobs" live (excerpts), Boston Slack Crusade Devival

Stang gives credits, mailing addresses of all the above... Sacred PO Box by DK from NYC show

Rev. Velveteen et all, con't. excerpt

Legal Documents Guy

Pope LOU DUCHEZ: Symphoflatulation Duet Tune #1

Sign Off

$6.50 to non-radio-station entities

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