(Good one for HEADPHONES)

Jimi Hendrix & Buddy Miles horsing around goofily (Band of Gypsies Rehearsals bootleg)

Rev. Velveteen Sly's "BOBOB"

Negativland SEX DIRT CD, cut 3 (Weatherman spews "BOB" fx)

"Magic Carpet Ride" clip

HOUR OF SLACK TITLE (Bleepo Abernathy Standard Version)

Nick Nolin "Can't bring God down" clip

Bill T. Miller "YOU RANG" open

Negativland "Big 10-8 Place" clip w/ SEX DIRT clip

Rev. Susie the Floozie "Bob's" SlackTime FunHouse intro from "Yard Sale" show

Stang short rant: "Tomorrow & tomorrow and tomorrow" Sub-style w/Sex Dirt and Puz-Ev rug

PAPA JOE MAMA sermon: "THE SMIRK OF "BOB"" (re: how the other world religions are richer than us in all but Slack, ends with "Slack is not for sale.")

Bill T. Miller "Used Slack 4 Sale" brief clip

Stang- credits, what's coming up, the other SubGenius shows, Negativland address, Quickie Stang take-off mix on "We're Moving to Concord", thanks to the stations and new listeners on the EVIL INTERNET...

"YOU RANG" HELL excerpt
(GOOD accidental cut to:

ESO Radio, WCSB -- Stang tortures Lonesome Cowboy Dave on "THE WEB" of the Great Mother Spider (grabbed from HoS 484, The Web show) "This isn't Satanic, when we worship the Great Spider at the center of the Web... we just want you to have FUN! We may nurse at the information teat of the Great Spider of the sticky sticky Web... Princess Wei rips the wax mask off Chas while he plays his massive organ.

"YOU RANG" excerpt "One last chance... that's all you have. No escaping my eyes..." Stang credits King of Slack, 1-617-LICK-OBE

Stang blabber, "We gotta save a million souls by X-Day -- X-Day Drill promo, SubGenius hotline, 216-556-0338 (w/ bad Mozart moog stuff from Nenslo in bg) plus illegal ad for Dial-A-Dobbs, 1-900-990-5085 ext. 324

Stang reads news articles: "Teen Bloodlust Militia Murders in Florida (gang leader named God)," reading excerpts from "The Unabomber for President" anti-Con anti-media rant (by www.paranoia.com), (w/ Drs. 4 "Bob" "Can't Hide" instrumental bg) "New biggest meat-eating dinosaur discovery: Giganotosaurus Carolinii, bigger than T-Rex" (w/ inspiring bad bg music off Nenslo collection) and some blabber about the great beast... probably a scavenger, like the SubGenius...

SEX DIRT in bg, Weatherman spurting "Bob", Stang raps over it on sex, dirt, violence death. "The Weatherman is a SEX GOD."

Dr. Legume clips from Madison Slack Crusade Devival CD rough cut "Your personal Flotation Device," "Your every sick sexual fantasy shall be made flesh for you..." "It is far better to be a speeding car than to be a blind man crossing against the light."

Negativland SEX DIRT "Lick the crack"... inside my mind." Excerpts recut by Stang.


"THE MARCH" -- radio play by St. Janor Hypercleats (with "Calvin" as other voice) (NEW JANOR CLASSIC; ultimate take-off on corny patriotic war movies/comics. Decently recorded and mixed at station; 1st "produced" Janor play ever. Fucking hilarious. PROOF of Janor Superiority.)

Stang segues from Janor credit to "KOOK TAPES"... introduce what is actually:

NENSLO reading a vehemently nutty Neotech kook letter to HIM, as a kook letter-tape insulting US.

Introduce JOE AUFFRICT as our new guru...

Joe Auffricht: "Young Girl Who Has to Go to the Bathroom" song; When I'm Spanking My Monkey; the orgasm song "Ooh It Feels Pleasant"; Little Squirty Honeys

Stang pesters Jesus across the room, briefly.

The Legal Documents Guy (three more of the hour's worth of 1-minute messages left on a NORML answer machine by AMAZING drug kook. "I'm entitled to ORANGE... and I'm entitled to WHITE... and code-breaker police in Euclid...")

Stang comments on Legal Documents Guy, gripes about having to do show from the office like silly poor militia crackpots cranking out their cassettes.

KPFA Berkeley SubSHOW: Dr. Howll and caller on "Susan Anton Wilson" the famous writer; Howll gripes about Puzzling Evidence's sound effects.

Stang comments on the ongoing battle between Howll and Wellman. Introduces Susie excerpt and Booger 9000 song

REV. SUSIE THE FLOOZIE and REV. NOLAN VOYDD in Susie's "Yard Sale" play, excerpt... Voydd tries to comfort poebucker trailer court queen Susie in her depression concerning her show.

BOOGER 9000 (Joe Newman, Sphinx Drummond & gang) song, "TRAILER QUEEN" (badly recorded by Stang at one of their rehearsals)

segues into Booger 900 version of Drs. 4 "Bob"'s "SHOCKED THE LIVING GHEE OUTA ME"/Mission Impossible theme.

Stang interrupts to give credits, PO Box info. COOL old chant-drum Pop music from Nenslo instrumentals collection (?)

Nenslo "It rained all day, water was ankle deep and rising."
Legume: "I am offering you a personal flotation device"

KPFA old 1983 : Nurse Goody Thompson & Glassmadness offer services

WOMEN OF SODOM excerpt from Doctor song "This might hurt a bit"


We will put some of this on SubSITE as INSTANT SUBGENIUS INTERNET RADIO TrueSpeech, in individual 10-min. chunks rather than one giant hour file. Simple voice pieces like Janor's play, Papa Joe Mama rant , Legume, Susie will probably sound GREAT. Dense mixes like Negativland, Bill Miller, Booger 9000 and KPFA will probably sound terrible.

Nick Nolin
Bill T. Miller
Papa Joe Mama
LC Dave
Dr. Howll
Joe Newman, Sphinx Drummond

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