Soon to be playing on SubSITE and/or Ultraplex
or http://slack.upx.net

"Time for Toast" (Head and Leg) w/ Stang stumbling crash intro...

Stang laments re: having to do show pre-recorded, at home office... SubGs as the ultimate minority... I hate this freedom stuff. Rap on militias and "Common Law Courts" and how half-assed they are in their pathetic fight against The Man, being dumb-ass naive redneck ego-driven poebucker WALKING TARGETS, and how the hippies figured all that shit out 30 years ago. Declare the Sovereign State of Mind of the Church... we'll buy the land later..."I am a descendant of the Pygmy Yeti of the British Isles."

News: Bitten Man Uses Snake as Tourniquet, about guy who bit snake's head off and used its skin as tourniquet after being bitten. Leads into impromptu rant about how There's Always Hope...

Stang reads NENSLO poem, "DUMBSHIT CORNER" (changed to Dumb-Ass Corner) (with music, "Have a Happy Heart")

"POKE YOU IN THE EYE" great voice-collage by Head and Leg (on Seeland Records)

Stang credits Head & Leg, address. Yak about TrueSpeech and Internet... checks to see what awful Nenslo-selected badmusic is playing in bg...

Dr. Bizarro, THE BIG MACHINE rock opera

Stang blabs about our fight against The Big Machine... not like militias; we're just trying to keep that ONE KID who'll grow up to invent that cure for cancer or world peace plan, from killing itself.

Lou Duchez SYMPHOFLATULATION: "Green Acres"

Stang: You can take away their electric guitars, their equipment, put 'em in jail... the SubGenius still has its armpit."


Little clip of Bill T. Miller at Boston Slack Crusade Devival (randomly ended, as tape ran out, on the word, "'Frop"!)


BILL T. MILLER LIVE at Boston Slack Crusade Devival (Feb. 96) from his King of Slack tape (Call 1-617-LICK-OBE for info) (middle section of recording)

Stang does credits, email and SubSITE addresses... fritters around

The Legal Documents Guy (2 of his 9,000 answer machine messages to NORML -- classic new undiscovered kook stuff)

Stang reads the actual legal documents regarding the trademarking of "Bob's" face, from 1982. AMAZING -- containing legal definitions of The Church of the SubGenius as put forth to the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office from our lawyer.

THE KLINGONS (great Berlin SubGenius band) -- "TOO MUCH" (...is Better Than Not Enough.")!!! >Really good<

Stang does credits... repeatedly pronounces name of Rocking Wanke (band guitarist), intros:

POPE DAVID MEYER live at NYC Slack Crusade Devival at Wetlands, Feb. 96 -- 1st half of rant. Very basic Meyerian rant on the Third Rule, Conspiracy's consumer culture, "My Product is YOU," The Conspiracy has separated YOU from YOU. The "anomie" rant. "Why do you think they call it The Gap?" Rant about Useless Beauty -- "Look around this room. In all frankness, children, we are NOT the Beautiful People... we are SubGeniuses." The $30 rant. Co-opting of the Fringe. Ending at, "16 years later, and we're still... on... the fringe!"

Stang PO Box last-minute info, bemoaning lack of time, we're still on the fringe even if we do own a skyscraper and did merge with AOL, Disney and Simon & Schuster... looking for suitable ending tape...

JOE AUFFRICHT: "Horny in my Cant" song

Pope Meyer
Dr. Bizarro
Head and Leg
Joe Mama
Lou Duchez
Bill Miller

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