Hour of Slack #532

10-minute SUPERB INTRO COLLAGE (from HoS 355) -- Boris Karloff, Dolemite, subliminal self help Christians, Zoogz Rift, movie clips, Elvis crazies, Hellpope Huey, special compu-editted TITLES. Procto-Rectumology lecture. Killer edit... condensed from Stang edits, Wellman cuts, Young Technocrats collages.
(Good for TrueSpeech).

Jello Biagra "SHUT UP, BE HAPPY" from Ice T's album ICEBERG (good Martial Law rant with Black Sabbath loop bg)

Stang and Jesus Christ, in studio, reassure his old friends in Cleveland that he's not under any kind of mind control now that he's working at The SubGenius Foundation. Leads into discussion of Southern Baptist news -- why they're boycotting Disney and have determined that Jews must be converted, and why Jesus is letting them get away with it... and how flying saucer jockey Louis Farrakhan said that if all those burned-down black churches had been synagogues, something would have been done by now... plus news about televangelist Robert Tilton's divorce, during which it has been revealed that Tilton is "enslaved to alcohol and abuse." Jesus lets us know the Christians can relax, now that he's back. Tim Leary's dead... Frank Zappa's dead... Bill Hicks... Lenny... Pee Wee got busted... John Carradine is dead... Dr. Legume...

Stang starts to introduce a song, as Jesus leaves; once Jesus is out of the studio, Stang plays tape of him gossiping about Jesus shedding all over the office, on ESO Radio with Lonesome Cowboy Dave.

ESO sequence about viewing the skeletons of Lucy the Australopithecus and a Grey (the true Adam and Eve), at the Cleveland Natural History museum. Singing the praises of Yeti tongue kisses.

SIVEST STANG song: "I'M "BOB'S" OWN" (NEW yet CLASSIC Dobbshymn about X-Day)

THE KLINGONS: song "SPACE THINGS" from their new CD "TIME CONTROL" (soon to be added to our catalog along with the Madison devival CD and OBE/KINGS OF FEEDBACK). With great Wild Bill Burroughs intro clip. (klingon@berlin.netsurf.de)


Stang does credits

POPE DAVID N. MEYER -- 2nd half of his rant on reverse Darwinism at the New York Slack Crusade (Feb. 96) at Wetlands. "The Battle of Ol' Brother Pink and Ol' Brother Slack."

"Don't Let Me Measure My Life In Terms of Money!" -- short clip of heartfelt performance art rant by COPERNICUS (from his CD) -- Copernicus performed this at the Slack Crusades show in NYC, to the great amusement of the SubGenius spectators. He MEANS to be SERIOUS, unfortunately.

Stang enthuses about Copernicus and other crackpot discoveries. Plays crackpot tapes... I mean, maestros of inadvertent bulldada:

JOE AUFFRICHT "The Kindergarden Orgasm Dance Song" (from "Mockery and Perversion," now $8.50 from the SubGenius catalog!) and "Horny Up Agsinst a Chick II"

Stang rapsodizes on Joe.

THE LEGAL DOCUMENTS GUY -- "I'm the guy with the legal notice in the paper... I got my center missing, need to see if I'm sugar safe; I'm entitled to HAIR... registered the seed with Euclid police in the '60s... metabolism changes... abracadabra, she's shipping it to a girlfriend named Therapy, right down to the preservations of moments on my property... I'm registered sugar safe..."

PAPA JOE MAMA sermon: "A FASCINATION WITH THE FAMILIAR" Tackles the tendency of Pinks to fear everything different or new. Includes PO Box. Very inspiring and hateful. NOTE: Fr. Joe Mama WILL BE at The X-Day Drill!!

Stang starts to play Susie the Floozie or KPFA or something, but gets distracted reading long news report sent in by Rev. Jofry regarding the Conspiracy's recent officially stated attacks on J.R. "Bob" Dobbs PERSONALLY (as opposed to attacking his "clique," their normal approach) for his support of the Texas Independence movement...

segues into reading mock mad-Christian rant from Anti-Sex League/Minitrue II flyer. Vicious bloodthirsty HATE...

PO Box and intro to:

clip from "Bob's SlackTime Funhouse" on WREK, Atlanta:
"YARD SALE" Sister Susie the Floozieand her long lost brother Dr. Nolan Voyde get in a big fight and then make up.

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