Hour of Slack 533

"Neighbor Stang Takes His Slack"

I HAD to get a show out, but I had OTHER STUFF to do and I just wanted to GET SHOW DONE WITH!!! So when I got up in the morning, I picked up a beat-up "walkman" type recorder and started the show without any other equipment. Went through my Saturday morning rounds, muttering and ranting.

That would be CHEATING, though, so I sat down and editted it. Luckily Sivet had just picked up a CD called "Hollywood Sound Effects," which was used as seasoning.

This would not be a good show for first-time listeners. It's very atypical.



Good neighbor Stang mutters about True Slack, looks at the paper for a second and bitches about the Religious Right and Big Brother (It was so early in the morning I forgot that it's Big Sister now!). Putters around as if about to take a shower but changes mind and decides to walk the main guard dogs first. All the while sounding like a lonely little old crank man.



Old Man Stang walks the dogs... discusses the cave under the house, the way Beast reads P-mail, the way the little mutant dwarf guard dog looks when it takes a dump -- like the Invisible Man squeezing a toothpaste tube.

Clips of Sacred Kooks JOE AUFFRICHT and The Legal Documents Guy -- coincidentally (?) sounding striking similar to Stang this show.

Stang returns to the Foundation Vault with the guard dogs, goes through airlock, brags about effects of Thai coffee beans.

The Klingons: "RUBBER BABY" (NOTE: WE JUST PURCHASED 24 COPIES OF THE KLINGONS limited edition CD, "TIME CONTROL". This "German Import" unfortunately must go for $20!! A must for serious SubGenius collectors.)

KPFA SubShow: 9-8-94 -- Good stretch of Dr. Howll in top form, struggling against the sound effects and callers to try to tell the story of the Universe.


A brief live moment in the Studio with Will O'Dobbs, Jesus, Nickie, Sivet Stang as Sivet starts her summer volunteer service working for Jesus.

Short transitional collage including the original recording of the old anonymous wino saying, "If I can't whup it, I'll go... DOWN!" NOTE TO SELF: THIS SHOULD BE TRUESPEECHIFIZED

DR. HOWLL continued from KPFA with dense Puzzling Evidence mix... Howll tells which came first: the egg. The Cosmic Egg.

Stang, now pacing in office, bitches about how Republicans are gonna blow it by kissing religious nuts' asses. Mentions the conservative beliefs held by some of his fellow Hierarchiites, strange as it may seem.

PAPA JOE MAMA sermon: "FRIGHTENED OF THE FUTURE!" -- primal Joe Mama, concerning X-DAY INSURANCE and why the Conspiracy WON'T DARE SELL ANY.

Stang raves about how the Church has done enough GOOD DEEDS and ART, and how now only IMMENSE VASTE HOARDS of GOLD and CASH will defeat the Conspiracy. Finally runs out of steam.

DR. HOWLL on KPFA delivers another of his astounding science lectures on dinosaurs and insects, in and around the callers and Wellmanification.

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