HoS 764-5 --Xmas Xtra

AHAHAHAHA MEERRRRRRY XMAS, kids. Now you better say your antiprayers and hit the sack as soon as this show is over 'cause you don't wanna be awake when SAINTA gets there. 'Cause if you see him you turn into a LUMP OF COAL. MERRRY Xmas. DON'T touch that package, you can wait till tomorrow morning. Ahhh... go ahead and peek,

THIS HOUR OF SLACK WILL ONLY BE HEARD IN CLEVELAND! And ONLY on WCSB. For only WCSB is WORTHY!!! And only WCSB is two weeks ahead of all the other stations. I have to do special shows 2 weeks ahead for the OTHER stations and MIGHTY INTERNETMAN REV. DAVID BACHNER, that are MAILED the show, but I outsmarted myself 'cause I already PLAYEd the TWO Xmas shows in Cleveland so here it is Xmas eve and YOU DON'T WANNA HEAR THE NEW YEARS SHOW YET. So enjoy these Christmas tunes in ALL flavors, but DON'T ask me who performed them, I DON'T KNOW, most I got from an Xmas compilation by Pater Nostril and there were NO CREDITS so your gues is as good as mine, but NONE are as good a guesss, as "BOB'S".

Ahhh yes, show end, thanks to ESO, and to take us out, LORD BUCKLEY with the story of the Naz.

0003Craig's Xmas 1
001ESO12-7-0 0Storm Dancing
Ave Maria
Beatnik Night Before Xmas
bESO12-7-0 1Intro, Dave lost
Craig's Deck the Halls
GodRestYe- Craigs
hESO12-7-0 2Travelw/out Moving0
Let There Be Snow -- MarkM
mESO12-7-0 3Travel w/out Moving
Nina Hagen Xmas
oESO12-7-0 4Travel w/out Moving
Ringing of Bells
tGloria 2
Xmas Craig girls short
yESO12-7-0 5Travel w/out Moving

HoS 765 New Years

0000Right Bob?
00ESO12-1-00 Open
01Old Angst Mine - Jethros
02ESO12-7-00New Millenium

INHIBITING FACTOR dear friends, "GUT BLOWOUT," a collection of Dobbs quotes ubermixed back in like 1984 by Rev. YoyoPro, from the Media Barrage 0 SubGenius remastered CD, from the ORIGINAL TAPES, and before that, and Chas and Dave and ESO Swamp Radio, that Old Angst Mine was by THE JETHROS.
HAPPY NEW FINAL LAST YEAR, for, while the HUME-WORMS think of this as the beginning of a new Millenium, LITTLE DO THEY KNOW that it is REALLY the BITTER END of the OLD and they AIN'T GETTIN' NO MORE. Unless they suddenly start acting REAL GOOD. 'Cause the....


Naw, just kiddin', had ya goin' there for minute now didn't I. They were SO WORRIED about that BUG but they didn't CONCERN themselves with "BOB'S" RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE AND WRATH, now did they, oh my brothers and sisters, nay sirmaam they didn't. And, well, "Bob" and his cohorts from Dimension Zero -- the Men from Planet X -- well, they DID let the Pinks get by THAT ONE MORE TIME. But THAT WAS THE LAST TIME!!! 2001 is the YEAR of the BLACK SLABS 4 "BOB"! In 1998, 99 and 2000 -- 3 X-days -- we got screwwed by "Bob" -- and it was great. But this time it's 4X-Day! July 5 2001! The day the SHEATH shall be DRAWN BACK and the LOAD OF "BOB" HIMSELF will be LIFTED UP!!

We're still studying the entrails to determine WHEN to have our huge End of the World feast and conclave -- BEFORE the world ends on July 5 or after. Some say AFTER, to make it "The First X-Day Drill Celebrated on the Pleasure Saucers!"
"XXXX-Day: The First X-Day in Space!"
"XD4: Bring your space suit!"

That was the suggestion of Slippy of Lust in Space. WHAT SAY YOU?? A HARD RAIN is about to start falling, and it will be the END of the REIGN of the PINK MAN, and the RISE of the SLACK MAN!

The only question now is -- do we party BEFORE the Revolution, or AFTER the Revolution? Every time we partied BEFORE the Revolution, the Revolution didn't happen. But this time it WILL happen, it MUST happen, by my faith in J.R. "BOB" DOBBS, I SWEAR IT!! IT IS FORETOLD!!!

And now, Aquabats with Chemical Bomb.

034ESO12-1-0 - BibleQuote
04ESO11-16-00-2 DaveTemporalShi
05Football Hero
06ESO12-1-0 3 Devil's Beat
07Laughing record XBE
08ESO12-1-0 4MixMasterChas!
21ESO12-1-0 2 SexInSpace,FROP1
21Lil - So That's Frop
2ESO12-1-0 5FunkyChas,drugparty
2fLeary 1
2gESO12-1-0 HomboSexualFROP JFK
2zESO11-2-00-15MY MInd
Lil - Wotan
MB - Cowboys, Immortality
mESO12-2-0 Dave Learns 2 Dance
Nothing to Do But Shop-Obtuse
tdan wquinn - glorious beer
Yukon Jack - Auld Bob Sine
zESO11-23-00-10END clarice

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