((Hour of Slack #541 was a rerun of the Creationism special, #83))


(Intro Barrage partly taken from HoS 412)

Hendrix talks about "jokers" intro, title

Stang's grossly computerized HoSIntro.wav experiment (done on SoundEffects program)

PRESCRIPTURES spoken by JHVH-1 through TextTalk program

"Elite espionage conspiracy" clip from DOWN ON US

Christian song about lambs and wolves, "They'll Pull the Wool Over the Eyes of the Sheep"

Alien Intelligence/Con intelligence clips barrage/Hendrix/

GREAT PREACHER on RACIAL WAR, End of the World -- (Rev. Terrell off HoS 412) -- amazing prediction including launched heads, people with no legs... many inadvertent SubGenius connections... Stang comments in bg

Henry and June clip about God

Barrage cont. with Christian geek griping about homos, sin, etc.?Hendrix "Message of Love" clip

Henry and June clip -- great short "MONEY is EVERYTHING" rant. "What the hell... we gotta die to the world like the clowns. Right, clowns?"

Stang hops in and talks about how FUNNY we will be now, despite adversity. (With cute bg muzak (Master Control Theme) sent by Nenslo). Talks about the Mail Order Dept. moving to new factory, we take credit cards,

OUR NEW 1-800 NUMBER: 1-888-669-2323

This show we'll jump back and forth between kooks and SubGenius preachers... let's start with Wesley Willis. Explains Wesley Willis -- "crazy" street poet who seems to have been encountered by many SubGeniuses in every city.

Two WESLEY WILLIS songs... truncated because they're both exactly the same, as Stang points out. So much for Wesley Willis. Back to old favorites:

JOE AUFFRICHT tells how his mom caught him drawing "fat bearded pervert" pictures.

THE LEGAL DOCUMENTS GUY -- two more calls from this Cleveland classic nut.

CHURCH OF NEW FAITH -- "destroy the government for God" rant


Papa JOE MAMA: "PSALM 69" (unusually solemn Joe Mama sermon)

Pope Lou Duchez -- Pyroflatuational version of "The Andy Griffith Show" theme

PRESCRIPTURES spoken by JHVH-1 through Text-to-Speech program (multiple space voices)

Very weird song-mix, "GOIN' OUTA MY MIND (OVER "BOB")" by Rev. Tommymonster


KPFA Berkeley SubGenius show, 9-8-94, great Dr. Howll cosmology story of The Cosmic Egg and Creation of Man

PRESCRIPTURES on Text-to-Speech mixed with Rev. Tommymonster's negativeland like demo

CONNIE'S CONFIDENTIAL CONFESSIONS (phone "sex" tape #3, "I thought you were a maturbator..."

Dr. Nolan Voydd on "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, WREK Atlanta: "VISION QUEST" "Old Man" rant excerpt

Stupid Christians collage edits from HoS 412, plus

REAGAN'S POLYP: "Pleashah"

PO BOX info

Rev. Velveteen Sly (WORT Madison) from HoS 412

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