Hour of Slack #543

((This was a good all-purpose Hour of Slack, with unusual but technically impressive music by total unknowns, much extemporaneous Stang ranting, panting and hating, classic Dr. Howll monologs on his favorite subject, and especially brilliant ESO segments. Plus the usual ongoing crackpot tape archives.))

Intro mixing Janor's KABF SubGenius show intro, KPFA Puzzling Evidence/Over the Edge confusion intro, titles

Janor does "What the Hell Do You Think You're Doing" intro over Doktormusic

Nolan Voydd does WREK "Bob's Slacktime Funhouse" intro

Stang rants mixture of SubGenius and "Randall Philip" mock crazed fundamentalist Christian diatribe

Women of Sodom song "Manwich" from BOOTS CD


Heads & Legs song about apocalypse, "HEY FAT LADY" plus their mock ad "PSYCHOTIC TRAVEL"

Stang does announcement of Columbus Devival (Oct 26-27) w/ Temple Beat bg music

PRESCRIPTURES read by Muleskinner computer voices, mixed with Temple Beat industrial music rug

DR. HOWLL on KPFA show, 9-8-94, GREAT segments on "The Death of God" and the tragic tale of Atlantasaurus and Ceratosaurus versus the Knights.

***********SIDE TWO:

Dr. Howll's tale continued

Stang improvs wildly re: The Island of Dr. Howlleau and the stubborn beast flesh -- good extemporaneous ranting.

BEST OF EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA '96 -- three or four EXCELLENT cuts from Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave: Dave rant on the Children of the Giant Brain, great ecodeath song, "IODINE" -- KILLER stuff

Stang goes into long insane rant adapted on the fly from AntiSex League/MiniTrue flyer about abortion -- goes into Dobbs' being an abortion mutilation survivor, heartfelt extemporaneous rant on Slack, Dobbs, abortion, hate, love, the PO Box. LUCIFER RISING music in bg.

3 Legal Documents Guy phone messages -- really psychotic

Joe Auffricht "Picking Up One of the Delany Girls from the Ground Against Her Will"

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