HOUR OF SLACK #544 log


I must admit, I really cranked this one out. In order to stay on "schedule" (we actually have one), I had to get it mixed in about 3 hours. The surest way to do that is for me to open the mike and starting ranting/reading; editing down tapes and CDs for good cuts takes longer. In this case I grabbed and read (selectively) a NEWS OF THE WEIRD best-of mailing that I get from Chuck Shepherd, the guy who compiles the NEWS OF THE WEIRD column that's in many weekly entertainment newspapers. (Chuck is a friend of the Church -- his column was first inspired by HIGH WEIRDNESS BY MAIl, he told me.) The true weird news is always fun and I end up bullshitting off the top of my head about every other report, so the Hour goes by fairly fast.

I guess what I'm saying is, I don't talk on the air so much because of my ego, but because it doesn't take as long to assemble the show that way.

We're now sending out 20 copies of each show. We're on more stations than Howard Stern. On the other hand, he gets a million bucks a show and we get $6. But every penny counts at this point.

Incidentally, SubSITE/SUNsite is back "on the air" despite the hurricane. After I send this I guess I'll finally get the new artwork uploaded. I am one busy damned Scribe, I tell ya.


Intro, title

Stang announces various news regarding Church (1-888-669-2323, email addresses, website address, Columbus devival), reads NEWS OF THE WEIRD compilation, selectively, for 15 minutes

DR. HOWLL on KPFA/Berkeley SubGenius show, waxing eloquently about his favorite subject (and one of mine), dinosaurs.

ESO RADIO (from WCSB, Cleveland) -- Lonesome Cowboy Dave does ad for Pope John Paull Mall cigarets

3 Prank Calls ("This is A.T.&T.") from Phone Losers of America

"The Carpenter" by HEAD AND LEG (evocative weird sound painting by these Negativland associates.)


Stang does credits, reads and comments on NEWS OF THE WEIRD for another 15 minutes.

"NORMAL" -- song by Bill T. Miller fom his OPEN YOUR EARS CD.

Stang harps on the 3 CDs we sell, coming more than dangerously close to committing "advertising" on these public-supported noncommercial stations. Plays segments from the other 2 CDs we sell:

DR. LEGUME opening rant from the Madison devival CD

"DINOSAUR" song by THE KLINGONS CD, "Time Control"



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