Hour of Slack 545

Stang dials up show through modem -- Title

RADIO ALARM CLOCK (old band of ESO guys) -- "SLAVE PLANET"

Their following Ventures-style instrumental continues behind:
Stang intros show in Legal Documents Guy style, "A-HEUHM-sa!", reads news report about actual Christian Youth event in Canada, "BOB" (Belief in Battle)...

Stang launches into SubGenius-distorted version of MC McDonald's extremely bloodthirsty REVELATION 16 mock crazy-Christian rant.

Improvs re: X-Day and False Christians.

Rev. Edward Strange does intro re: blasphemy on his new Subshow on WMUH -- clips: Bill Burroughs, hilarious Christian rock opera Jesus vs. Devil song,
Legume and Rev. Strange challenge the person who called to bitterly gripe about their blasphemy, to call in again and get on the air with them. Legume quotes vicious Bible verses.

Clip: "Face obliteration" Guy calls back.

LEGUME Vs. LUKEWARM CHRISTIAN call-in on WMUH "Prozak Free Radio" show. -->LEGUME AT HIS BEST! "WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF JESUS, YOU TALKING MONKEY?" CLASSIC SubGenius radio sequence! Christian caller is hilariously lame. "You're doing Jesus right now!" "That's right, I'm doing Jesus right now! And I'm doing Him! He's under the table!" (I had to cut that line.)

Good ranting follow-up to call.

Good Burroughs & Bob Tilton religio-sexual clips.

Legume and Strange rant like mad over Bob Tilton recording. Legume reaches out to the listeners. "God is IN you." Some of this material pushes the edge of FCC rules regarding "implied" sexual acts. Legume PRAYS, especially for GUNS. If the Hitities had had firearms. What is the LAW?


WHAT IS THE LAW? continued Legume & Strange

(Horribly irritating syntho-chant interspersed with Bartles' wise SubGenius poem-sermon. After awhile Stang starts talking over the chant parts... then fading them out entirely, they're so irritating.

2 Legal Documents Guy calls

Stang explains the origins of the Legal Documents Guy tape, Jesus suddenly walks into the office just as Stang is talking about him.

Stang introduces the Joe Special surprise.

-- the end of the Joe Auffricht "Mockery and Perversion," "Perversion" side. Songs: "Picking Up Someone in the Delanies Off the Ground Against Their Wishes", "Gooin' in the Pant," on Big Ugly Perverts. "Your bodies are no longer sacred, ladies." Joe's imitation of a Pervert Eating Mints While his Throat is Infected. Fat Sadistic Pervert running through the forest in a zig zag motion, "Bunny Rabbits."

JOE "LIVE" at the Slack Crusade Devival Tour in Cleveland at Peabody's -- Stang introduces Joe to his first live crowd, explains how disturbing Joe may be and how he's not a SubGenius but instead perhaps a GOD, or an ANIMAL. Mentions the Joe Tape.

JOE: "Ejaculate in Your Moonpants," "The Kindergarden Orgasm Dance," "Horny with a Chick."

"HORNY WITH A CHICK" sung by Text-to-Speak computer voice.

Stang apologizes a little for playing Joe, speculates that Joe might ironically be the one of all the SubGenius "acts" that goes over big-time and becomes a rich star. Describes our new band, HEY JOE, which does Hendrix songs Joe style, and Joe songs Hendrix style.

Stang reads NAMES OF JAPANESE CARS office graffitti sent by J. Nutting

KPFA Puzzling Evidence show : Dr. Howll selling real estate and watching the caller being eaten by the the GIANT CRAB/CHURCH... Stang starts co-ranting along with the tape, does PO Box. Jack Crabbe tells of "Bob". "Bob's" Realistic Real Estate and Dr. Howll's Simple Quiz. Crab-Calypso Real Estate theme...

Stang wonders how to get out of the show gracefully, isn't sure how much tape is left... bitches about dark tinted Conspiracy windows on cassette decks. More PO Box.

Dr. Howll's Instant Money Plan. Having a Bourbon and bongwater on the roof.

Abrupt end.

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