Intro, Title with Right Wing Crank (off unlabelled KPFA from 1984(?) -- all KPFA on this episode taken from the tape "labeled" with letter-stamps "KPFA" in the PuzEv folder of tapes that was sent by Santovin)

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE -- Now You Do What They Taughtcha

Stang gets maudlin about Jimi Hendrix, then rants for about 15 minutes from Revelation X, 5:1 through 30 (about the differences between SubGenii and Normals), adding extra commentary to what's written. Background music is the jam called "Pride of Man" from Multicolored Blues Unreleased Sessions Disk 2 (boot).

Legal Documents Guy, one call

ZOOGZ RIFT from LOOSER THAN CLAMS album: Dinkle Dance, Idiots on the Miniature Golf Course, Lobotomy 2.

INCREDIBLE LEGUME RANT ABOUT THE EVIL OF THE FALSE JESUS AND THE FILTH AND PERVERSION HE HAS BROUGHT THE WORLD. Exteremely bloodthirsty. On Ed Strange's radio show. Bg music is mostly Sergio Leone, For a Few Dollars More.
About 15 minutes.



EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA (Best of 96 cassette) -- Joe Hill and V. Lenin blather by Dave, amazing RUSSIAN DIRGE performed by ESO

Prank call to Xian radio station from The Christal Methodists cassette re: "There's no such thing as a deformed Christian."

FEAST OF MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY -- editted-down clips from 3 of their songs. Very rich psychedelic spazz-hell-noise mix.

VAVOOM (Scott Orsi) -- "Spirit of JFK" collage/song.

Jimmy Swaggart on the Evils of the Kennedies, then condensed bits from newly discovered Puzzling Evidence montage re: JFK assassination.

Puzzling Evidence "SHOW TALK" old-timey SubGenius collage from newly found old show tapes. (Condensed)


ESO -- tail end of "Venus in Furs"

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