HOUR OF SLACK 487, 488, 489 LOGS

For the 10 year history of The Hour of Slack radio ministry, I've been telling myself, "I know what I should do. I should type up the log of each show on DISK as soon as I finish 'em. Then I'd have a wondrous master list I could access by computer using word-search when it comes time to produce our BIG ALBUMS." But the decks are on the other side of the factory from the computer, and consequently, for 486 weeks, I've instead been handwriting the logs on cassette box "J-cards" in tiny, cramped Stangian shorthand readable only by me. BUT WHY NOT CHANGE EVERYTHING NOW?? Maybe if you non-listeners had an inkling of what was being broadcast show by show, more of you would become SHOW-AGENTS pestering your local hipster college/indie radio stations to CARRY this CHEAP, CHEAP SYNDICATED MIND CONTROL OUTREACH. Of course, the mere log gives you ONLY one or two inklings.

If you read these logs, it'll be ALMOST AS IF you had ACTUALLY LISTENED to the SHOWS! Oh yeah.

HoS #487 "Hate"
MIND ENGINEERING hypno-clip intro, song "Dream Along W/ Bozo" (Larry Harmon, from Vreedeez comp. "Dream Away")
HoS Promo #1 by HellPope Huey "SubG Destructo Derby"
Robo-Bob lines (Dr. Dynasor auto-rant)
Monsters from the Id, song "Monsters From The Id" (weird modern "music")
"Rilly Groovy" (Hendrix samples by The Beautiful People)
Oldie "The Will to Fail" inadvertent bulldada song by Katie Lee
CHRISTIAN-HOMO RANT (Stang reads from Open Eye newsletter) (Christian anti-queer rant rewritten with "Christian" replacing "homosexual" and it makes EVEN MORE SENSE!)
Mojo Nixon "The Pleasurellegiance", "You Can't Kill Me" from new CD (major mutant anthems)

Side 2:
Devo "Girl U Want" live in Sergio Leonne-"For a Few Dollars More" style, from 1982 live bootleg
KPFA Puz-Ev/Dr.Howll 3-94: Puz-Ev show/coffee collage, "Nixon's Funeral" sequence
"Open the Doors" by Idioglossia (psychedelic sampling weirdness)
Rant "WHY DO YOU THINK" by Dr. Dynasor (classic wordplay rant)
Rant "SO YOU WANNA BE AN ELDER GOD" by Montykins (Paul Ashley tape), Part 1

Copies to: Open Eye, Dynasor, Paul, Doug, Hal, Idioglossia, Huey, Mojo Nixon, Montykins, Monsters from the Id

HoS 488 "Music, Personal Freedom"

Misc. Intro: HellPope Huey "classy" HoS newpromo #2, "Grey Poop-On"
Collage barrage cuts from Nick Nolin ... "Owe Bob Money"
Mothersbaugh Title, Hendrix samples by Beautiful People
Rant: "WHAT THE YACATISMA HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU" by St. Locnar (Vance), read by Stang (Ed Wood s/t background)
Stangrap on alt.slack.
Song "APE CALL" (Dobbs & the Doo-Wops) from Vreedees collection
Beefheart bootleg inst., "Flower Pot" off Alternative Beefheart
The Ventures "He Never Came Back" from Ventures in Outer Space (Riley), w/ rant
"With Eckankar" by The Lighter Sound, Stangrant on Eckankar stupidness
O.B.E./Kings of Feedback "YOU RANG," Stang rant on backmasking, "YOU RANG" segments played backwards
HoS station i.d. by OBE
"Purple Haze" cover by The Shamen

Side 2
Rusty Warren "Knockers Up" tittie routine
"Anybody Here" Rev. Ganglia dr-music
BobOpera by Olo T. Schicklegrouverre and the Happy Philanthropist Orchestra, "If I Were So Wise" -- dad explains "Bob" to son
Stang on upcoming Devivals; reads rant: "PERSONAL FREEDOM NOW" by Nenslo
PO Box, credits
Dr. Dynasor "News from the Institoot"

Copies to: Vance, Huey, Nolin, Riley, NENSLO, OBE, Vreedeez, Olo T. Schick., Dynasor, Ganglia

HoS 489
Stang desc. & recording of Car Wreck, Taxes Synchronicity,
Titles w/ Nolin Collage
Rev. Bleepo Abernathy (Bill Kates) on Howard Stern Show with Mistress Crimson, Billy West
Stang exp. of same, + car wreck mysticism
Stang reads from Open Eye WEAPON newsletter, "DAHMER GOES TO HEAVEN"
Song "Yo Mama" by Luther Thomas
HellPope Huey HoS promo rant #3, "EYE OF A NEEDLE"
Bleepo & Stern & Billy West & Mstrs. Crimson
"BONERLAND" by O.B.E., credits
Bullwinkle Vs. Jack Webb "Tom Tom the Pipers Son"
LONG STRETCH of KPFA radio w/ Puzzling Evidence/Dr. Howll/ Phineas Narco, Hal's Brother: "TWO HALS SHOW"
Zoogz Rift "Unjust Deserts," Credits, Kates & Stern, PO Box,
Montykins "Elder Gods" part 2

Copies to: Bleepo, Open Eye, Huey, Hal, Wellman, Phineas, Nolin, Montykins, Huey

FRIENDS -- SAVE YOURSELVES the $6.50/cassette and TALK YOUR LOCAL COLLEGE PUNK HIPPIE WEIRDO STATION INTO CARRYING THIS SHOW for only $5 a week station-pay, and YOU CAN TAPE IT AND BOOTLEG THESE RARE RECORDINGS TO YOUR GLANDS' CONTENTS! You'll get your excretions' worth; while the peculiarly crazed old bulldada songs, or the straightforward Stang-rants, make for "light" or "one-brain" amusement, other sections of The Hour of Slack, such as the segments copped from Dr. Howll's and Puzzling Evidence's shows, will keep all FOUR of your brains quite busy indeed. You thought The Firesign Theater required your COMPLETE, RAPT ATTENTION in order to comprehend? Well, the far portions of your mind(s) will be forced through an even more thorough workout by THESE EVIL TAPES.

We like to think our productions are "demanding."

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