Hour of Slack 854 - Drunks 'n' Drugs & The Pink Boyz

Sometimes when I have a lot of new material, I break it up into "themes" just as an arbitrary way of organizing the mass of sound files. The theme in this case developed when Dr. Philo Drummond unearthed some old tapes of The Pink Boyz, a rock band headed by the late Dr. X, a brief and early co-sub-founder of the Church. Dr. X was my best pal in high school. He died young of drugs -- mostly alcohol. Hearing all his old songs made me wistful. Luckily the depressing nature of the alcoholism theme is offset by the inanity of the counterbalancing psychedelics theme.

1 Exmortus "What Time It Is" 00:17
2 "Welcome 2 HoS Title song" - El Queso 00:17
3 EYIYIYI 00:02
4 LeMur: "Over The Dobbshead" 00:34
5 SO Radio-7-19-02a -- "Dave Brain" 01:59
6 Consortium of Genius - "Brain Wrap" 03:28
7 "Kill Me" - Dr. Onan's Wotan Band 02:54
8 credits, rant re: Drunks theme and The Pink Boyz 02:59
9 ESO Radio-8-2-02 -- "DRUNKS & Car Sex" 04:34
10 The Rainmakers: "Drinking On The Job" (live, Oslo) 04:48
11 Credits 00:10
12 "Brag of the SubG" - clip digitized by Philo 00:52
13 LeMur: "brown Wavy Medium" 00:23
14 ESO Radio-9-6-02-"Bob" Drunk 01:44
15 LeMur: "expert" 00:45
16 ESO Radio-9-6-02i- "Rasta Kerouak; Jimson Weed; OilWars; God Loves Marines 05:44
17 LeMur: "may I say" 01:00
18 ESO Radio-8-22-02c- "Televangela's Dream!" 01:37
19 LeMur: "createArt2 00:51
20 credit 00:12
21 "Day Tripper" - Reagan's Polyp 00:16
22 ESO Radio-9-6-02g- "Child's Pituitary-Gasm" 01:50
23 LeMur: "dasGleiskettenfahrzeug" 00:15
24 LeMur: "truth 2 children" 00:42
25 ESO Radio-8-15-02 - Stang on Pink Boyz O.D. 00:35
26 "Pink Boy" -- The Pink Boyz 02:26
27 Rocko Schwab, Barlight Beauty - "I Drink Enough" 03:29
28 LeMur: "The Line" 00:34
29 Credits 01:01
30 "The Emigrant song" - Reagan's Polyp 00:58
31 "Brag of SubGenius" digi by Philo - drugz 2 00:38
32 "The Trip" - Kim Fowley 01:59
33 Credits, PO 00:50
34 ESO Radio-9-6-02l- Beginning of the World Song, End of the Show! 08:38
35 Eternity Alone w/ No Swag 00:06

Dr. Onan's Wotan Band -- http://www.box2321.com or PO Box 2321, Portland OR 97208

Consortium of Genius: http://www.consortiumofgenius.com

Rocko Schwab: http://rockoschwab@hotmail.com or www.scaryrecords.com

Reagan's Polyp: http://www.trashfish.com

When I listened to the Pink Boyz tapes for the first time on 20 years, I realized something with a bit of a shock. I have always had a buddy who was a tall skinny rock and roller with a band. And I am always trying to tape his band.

The other night I was walking along the street with Prof. Chas Smith of Einstein's Secret Outlaws, pumping my short little legs as fast as I could, to keep up with his long legged gait, and it struck me how many nights I had done that very thing alongside the equally scarecrowlike Dr. X.

I realized that when Dr. X died, I had found another Dr. X, but one who wasn't a drunk. I myself am a drunk and it's much more pleasant to be a non-drinking drunk when your buddies aren't drunk. Or, rather, aren't VERY drunk. Or rather, aren't the obnoxious and fucked up kind of drunk.

It is possible to be a drunk, an alcoholic, and not be a jerk, but instead be a fine SubGenius. There are plenty such folks. I have NO PROBLEM with that; some of my best friends are thoughtful alcoholics who manage to have their alcoholic act together. Then there are those who become JERKS when they get drunk, or who gradually develop an overall jerkishness through long term use. That's when a drunk just has to say, "FUCK the Conspiracy, I'm going to live WITHOUT Con-endorsed narcotics even if I must endure 19 hate-ons a day!"

Poultices of hemp might help with the hate-ons, allowing some to focus the hate with laser-like intensity and turn it into a money-making scheme.

Eating and sleeping sensibly is another dependable way to cop a buzz, but you must also remember to shit, pee and awaken. Don't even TRY to quit peeing. I attempted to quit peeing when I quit drinking. I was never able to beat the demon of peeing, though, and to this day I am still a peeer. I just... live with it. One flush at a time.

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