Hour of Slack 859 -- Rerun of War Show 447

HoS 447 was a 1994 compilation of some of the best bits from the 1991 Hour of Slack and KPFA shows regarding the Gulf War, with some things that came later, especially a collage video by Patriris. A little very recent live ESO radio on the current War Thing fills it out.

It is uncanny how perfectly appropriate the January 1991 Gulf War material sounds in October 2002.

1 HoS 447: WarShow 21:52
(from Hours of Slack # 271, 272, 273, 276, 284 + early 1991 KPFA shows with Hal Robins, Puzzling Evidence, Papa Joe Mama and Gary G'broagfran)
News collage with "The Stand" tv-movie
KPFA: Tibet Invades China
Stang news: Chinese aqua-bandits, Space Patrol Dobbs
Collage: preacher, news, It's a Duck
WAR OF THE WORLDS radio clips
News Mix
Stang news: Tokyo's emperor
News Mix
DUNE IRAQIS improv from KPFA -- Howll, Papa Joe and Puzzling
Stang lists murder weapons
Christian war prayer

2 HoS 447b: WarShow Rant 08:07
Stang credits, RANT -- Confession About Gulf War Lynch-Mobism
KPFA Dune bits and PATIRIS Gulf War Collage

3 ESO Radio 10-11-02i - War Sex, French Pole Poll, Sarin Trading 02:46

4 HoS 447b- War Show 10:47
KPFA Dune bits and PATIRIS Gulf War Collage
Kyle Kossup song: "America Feels Good About Itself"
Gary G'Broagfran on War
KPFA: "Operation Dalkon Shield"

5 Oingo Boingo "War Again" 05:46

6 HoS 447e 09:17
KPFA Dune bits and PATIRIS Gulf War Collage - Dan Rather & "You WILL Believe"
KPFA "Stubs" skit
Bill Kates and Billy West: "War Anxiety"
Fropessional Credits
KPFA Iraqis Dune con't.

7 ESO Radio 10-11-02i - Must Sell SubG to Arabs! -End 01:35

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