As with most great bands, the Swingin' Love Corpses never remain in the same
place for very long. Restless, adventuresome spirits, acknowledged giants in
the field of improvisational music, men known in the industry as musician's
musicians, they have constantly explored new avenues and new outlets for the
incessant dynamics of their music. This has never been more true than on their
latest cassette tape release, Last Tango in Pinckneyville. Again, the Corpses
have taken yet another unexpected turn and come up with one of the most
surprising, innovative, beautiful creations of their amazing career.

It's been said that the Swingin' Love Corpses music is essentially cinematic,
music of mood and emotion, and their soundtrack album for Scumsucker III: The
Dominatrician is considered an enduring classic of the genre. And while their
music is always alive and new, moving from free-form to a rich familiarity of
soul 'n funk, it has never lost the driving, irresistible root of frap-a-billy
that is at the very heart of the collective creative genius of these
Po'Bucker-born masters.

Last Tango in Pinckneyville opens with a wonderfully sensual, breezy yet
inspirationally poignant reading of Gibbon's "Rise and Fall of the Roman
Empire". The song grows and builds to include a disco backup vocal--the first
of many innovations on this cassette. The Corpses music has never been more
immediately accessible, and their delivery throughout on Last Tango in
Pinckneyville carries a powerful impulse that forces the listener to get up
and dance. The cassette is highlighted by three new Sphinx Drummond songs:
"Scotch Tape Dispenser Blues", "Somatic Discourses on Cerebral Bi-cameralism",
and "Funky Back-Seat Mama." On "Scotch Tape Dispenser Blues" they're joined by
their longtime friend, Sterno, and in expressing his delight with the outcome
of their subtle and intricate collaboration, Philo said: "The fact that Sterno
played on "Scotch Tape Dispenser Blues" proved to me that dreams really do
come true."

Little Johnny G'Broagfran
-Throbbin' Member Times, Septembuary 1995

Subject: World's Greatest SubGenius Drummers!

The *Best* SubGenius Drummer in this World, or the next, BAR NONE is
none other than Mojo "Skippy" Butcher of the Swingin Love Corpses
who are also the *Best* SubGenius Band in this World, or the next, BAR NONE.
Regardless of what anybody else says. Drs 4 "Bob" was the best at one time,
and from a historical perspective could be considered the definitive SubGenius
Anti-Musick Band (right Sterno?) but when it comes to raw, intense Mystery-Jazz
and Beer-Swiggin' Pub-Rock-Surf-A-Billy-Speed-Polka its hard to top the Corpses.
You might argue the point that Fart Dog Explosion was the best
Acid-Groppin-Psycho-Power-Poppin' TuneMeisters' Band, but you'd be hard pressed
to find a more Porno-Pop-Country-Swing-Folk-Art-Western-Booger-Flickin'-End-O-The-World
Predictin'-Audience-Participation-Groove-Glider-Toenail-Bitin'-Butt-Guzzlin' Band as

the Muertos Baillandos Del Amor. I believe most dead folks who've heard 'em would agree

if they could. I won't even talk about how good the singers and sax players are in this

post for fear some may think I'm braggin'.

Philo "De Braggst'D'art" Drummondski


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