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> Long live the worlds highest paid cover band!!

The DICKIES are without doubt the best band of all time!
One cannot think of any group being superior to the wise
old masters and provider of the talking dick. Why oh why
a thousand newsgroups and/or religions aren't centered
around the DICKIES is a curious mystery to be pondered
for many years. For me, the DICKIES are saviours. When
I was on that journey down the dark tunnel towards the
light, it was none other but the voice of Stuart which
coerced me back to this world. Ta,

John eff

Subject: Re: D I C K I E S
From: nenslo@teleport.com (NENSLO)

Well, hell yeah, and the cool thing is that you don't have to
ever buy more than one of their recordings. Just play it over and over
and it's exactly like if you had every record they ever made!

But SNEERiously, folks, there I was hanging out around the
kitchen table with Vreedeez one night with the Kitchen TV going, the one
that shows everything in green, maroon and black, and hell I don't
remember what we were doing, but I know we were doing a LOT of it. And
we were drawing or something, looking for a sign, watching Beavis and
Butthead hell I don't know, and then they show the Dickies' video Killer
Klowns and the first scene has one of the clowns being arrested and
fingerprinted, but the fingerprint is THE FACE OF THE OVERMAN. Palmer
says "You see that?" I says "I sure did." The only reasonable response
to a miracle. About ten minutes later one of us changes the channel, and
BAM there it is again, THE FACE OF THE OVERMAN. We didn't even
acknowledge it that time. Too sacred to soil with words.

So yeah, Dickies rock, man.

Fuckin' Nenslo, dude.


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