Doktors for "Bob" info

Doktors for "Bob" info

From: Sternodox <>

Doktors For "Bob" InfoSheet


Janor Hypercleets: Vocals/Songwriting/Supinely Drunken Harmonica
Janor is a Little Rock native who, when not mowing lawns, now sings
for the band Southland Corporation. SC consists of several members of
the long-defunct Generation of Degenerates (G.O.D.), Little Rock's
first "Punk" band, which was formed in early 1976, and prominently
features G.O.D. guitarist/keyboardist, Calvin Tucker, who still has
episodic "born-again" experiences which necessitate his quitting SC
every four months or so. Janor formed Doktors for "Bob" with Rev.
Sternodox in 1979 in response to the first SubGenius pamphlet, which
was ingested one evening along with several bottles of Old Log Cabin
bourbon and a large handful of cheap speed. Ironically, the Doktors
didn't talk about "Bob" very much at first, preferring to concentrate
on Nhee Ghee, which can be confirmed by listening to one of the first
Church offerings, "The Forbidden Sacred Wisdom of Nhee Ghee" tape.
Janor's exploits with the Doktors are, or course, legendary and
include (but are not restricted to): the discovery of the Bleeding
Head of Arnold Palmer; the invention of the terms "Kassner Head
Pussy," "Bubba Ghee," "G'BroagFran," "Nissy Ggerpus,"
"Wall-Climbing," "So Vhee Can Schliiiiide," "These Zombies, These
Days," and many others; the refinement of SubG Aud/Elim/Assim
(SubGenius Audience Elimination/Assimilation); and he remains the
most ascended trance-spouter in the history of the Church.

Rev. Sternodox Keckhaver: Bass Guitar/Songwriting/Guitar/Vocals
Sternodox, who was born in Las Vegas to a Guatemalan mother and
German father, moved to Arkansas in 1969. After being drafted in 1971
and spending four years in the military, he moved from the
hinterlands of the Ozarks to Little Rock, where he went to work for
Snavely Eklund at the health-food emporium, Beans and Grains and
Things, a "hang-out" for many future Doktors for "Bob". Sternodox
brought the "Word of "Bob" to Beans one day in the form a the
Pamphlet #1, whereupon Snavely immediately sent the Church $500.
Doktors for "Bob" was formed the next evening in the manner mentioned
above. The Doktors initially began trance-spouting into a decrepit
boom-box and bombarded the sacred Dallas P.O. box with the results.
The "band" was invited by Rev. Stang to "perform" at the first
SubGenius World Devival in Dallas in 1980, which is where the
Arkansas Clench and the Dallas Motherfucker Church first shared the
suckrements. All of the first Doktor hits, including "Told the Judge
to Suck My Dick," "Shocked the Livin' Ghee Outta Me," "You Can't Hide
>From God," and "SubGenius Beach Party" were written in the truck on
the way to Dallas for the show and were debuted at this show.
Sternodox has since played with the Little Rock Bands, The Glands,
Homicidal Briefcase, Too Many Monas, Reagan's Polyp and, currently,
Combo Gang Bunch.

Dr. Snavely Edlund: Saxophone/Vocals/Hammers/Chainsaws
Snavely (classified) the Virgin Mary's bloody pussy and (classified)
buttfucked jesus (classified) bloody hammer with (classified)
a ball peen hammer (classified) Plumbing Occurences.
He owns a Health Food Store in Little Rock.

Dr. Gene Splice: Drums/Guitars/Bass/Keys/Trumpet/Vocals/Engineering
Dr. Splice moved to Arkansas in 1977, after being given the choice of
either going to prison or leaving the state (Massachusetts) after he
and a cohort burned down their high school (this is TRUE!). With the
onus of a felony weighing heavily upon this 15-year-old instrumental
genius, Dr. Splice was ripe for the Doktors explorations into
anti-music. Dr. Splice sang lead on the Doktors song, "Fuck Her One
More Time," and devised the complex arrangement (9:8 time signature)
on "Shocked the Livin' Ghee Outta Me." He played trumpet on the song,
"Johnny's Got a Bucket of Pills" (That's Sternodox on guitar and
Stang on back-up vocals). Gene played drums for Homicidal Briefcase
and the Glands and played bass for the LR band Jesus Loves Jill. He
currently lives in Seattle and plays saxophone exclusively.

Martin "Big Smoke" Pitts: Keyboards/Sequences/Production/Guitar
Synth. Big Smoke was an integral part of the Doktors sound and
philosophy, introducing us to many 'fropping techniques that we'd not
encountered before. It was at his home that all the Doktors' studio
efforts were recorded. Although something of a home-body, Big Smoke
accompanied Doktors for "Bob" on several tours, including the
infamous Chicago Convention and many performances at Dallas'
Twighlight Room. Now living in Seattle.

Pee Wee "Dick" Pitts: Vocals/Recorder Pee Wee, Big Smoke's wife, sang
the famous counterpoint melody on "Fuck Her One More Time," and,
since she was a GIRL, protected us from charges of crass sexism from
feminist party-poopers. That's right. We got a GIRL to sing "Fuck Her
One More Time." Pee Wee would often perform live with the Doktors,
wearing a rainbow-hued DICK around her neck, hence her nick-name. She
made killer meatloaf. Now living in Seattle.

Drelloid Mutant: Keyboards/Vocals/Kaiser Blade Drelloid was the
keyboard player in the first incarnation of Doktors for "Bob" and
played at the first live gigs. He blew his brains out with a shotgun
behind the Arkansas School for the Deaf in 1985. Drelloid was
instrumental in the formation of the Doktors' anti-music techniques
and was the first Doktor to incorporate white-noise generators in
his instrumental repertoire. His keyboard musings can be heard on the
early versions of "Doktors for "Bob" in Outer Space" and "SubGenius
Alphabet." He is sorely missed.

Buddy Jesus: Drums/Guitar Buddy Jesus was discovered by Gene Splice
and brought into the fold sometime in 1980. Although he was disturbed
by the "God Blow-Job" sequence in "Told the Judge," he went ahead and
played it anyway, unlike ANY of our other drummers. He was the
drummer for Doktors for "Bob," the Band That Dare Not Speak Its
Name," AND "The Swingin' Love Corpses" at Dokstok II in Northern
Arkansas. Current Whereabout unknown. He can be heard on the last two
studio albums.

Tom Froth/Ham: Bass Clarinet: Tom, who now owns a blueberry farm west
of Little Rock, performed with Doktors for "Bob" many times over the
years and invented the technique of reducing a door to splinters in
10 minutes on stage with a Kaiser Blade. Was on stage during the
infamous "Tomato Incedent" at the S.O.B. in Little Rock.

Other "Members":
Eric Struthers: Guitar on the first studio version
of "Shocked the Livin' Ghee Outta Me." Now plays for the Neville
Johnny Glover: Drums. Live gigs only. (but played on the studio
tape of the original Combo Gang Bunch with Sternodox, Gene Splice and
Philo Drummond.)
Ivan Stang: Vocals/Keyboards. Performed with Doktors
for "Bob" at many live performances. Contributed vocals to several
albums. Fucked most of the songs with a big, fat dick.
Puzzling Evidence: Played drums for an abbreviated version of the
Doktors at the San Francisco and Los Angeles Devivals in 1984.
Gary G'BroagFran: Played guitar with the Doktors at the above-
mentioned gigs and actually flew from Oakland, CA to play
with the Doktors once at the Twilight Room in Dallas.
Now plays with Puzzling Evidence and LIES in
Stefan Hambone: Whatever was at hand. Jammed with the Doktors at that
first SubGenius Convention. Currently lives in Japan.
The Unknown Doktor-Head: Some drunk who was always showing up at the
Doktors' "practice" sessions. He usually passed out within minutes
and woke up after the rest of us had gone home. Present at almost
every practice and no gigs. Current whereabouts unknown.

Doktors for "Bob"s Standard Concert Song List:

Told the Judge to Suck My Dick
Fuck Her One More Time
Dump Truck Full of Dead Policemen
Doktors for "Bob" In Outer Space
Shocked the Livin' Ghee Outta Me
Legs 'O Fire
Johnny's Got a Bucket of Pills
Savoy Fart
Pee In My Coffee
You Can't Hide From God
Nhee Ghee Likes the Old Ways Best
Doktors for "Bob" Theme Song
Bleeding Head Good/Healed Head Bad
Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer, He's the One For Me
Guitar Shoes
Pee Dog Strut (Pee Like Pee Dog)
SubGenius Alphabet
Kassner Head Pussy
SubGenius Beach Party

There are literally hundreds of hours of Doktors for "Bob" on tape.
Janor and I have different versions of all the songs, as does Stang.
Much video also. If you want any of this shit, let me know and we'll
work something out.

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