Atlantis, Rise

Atlantis, Rise

(from Jerusalem, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer)

O Yetinsyn, from ancient time,
walk unto Dallas seeking green.
And was the smiling face of Dobbs,
on myriad of xerox seen?

And did the grin and pipe divine,
summon the wool on which to pull?
And were Subgenii summoned here,
to Praise "Bob" and be Slackful.

Bring me my pipe with burning bowl,
Bring me my salesman's holy fleece!
Bring me my Slack, this I must have!
Bring me my Saucers of Release!

I will yet feed my nental ife
upon the pinks throughout the land.
Yeti Awake! Atlantis Rise!
And we shall pound Earth into sand.

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