From: (John Laviolette)

(to the tune of "Johnny Be Good")
(Author = me)

In the Middle East there once lived a deity,
a super-hip, supercool religious entity;
he was worshipped in the desert down through history,
but all he ever wanted was the deep blue sea;
he wanted all the ballen whales to treat him right
singing "Allah be plankton tonight"

Go! Go, Allah, Go!
(etc. -- you know the words)

All the other gods thought this was some kind of joke;
they said, "listen to us, Allah, you're a desert bloke...
you can't give up a camel just to chase some tail,
you'll just wind up a dinner for some big blue whale."
But Allah wouldn't listen, he knew he was right,
he said "Allah be plankton tonight!"

Go! Go, Allah, Go! (etc.)

Well, you know ol' Allah finally got his wish:
he transformed himself into a food for fish;
just a-splashin' and a-bobbin' in the deep blue sea,
feelin' as free as he can be,
and all the little fishies think he's out of sight,
they sing "Allah be plankton tonight!"

Go! GO, Allah, Go! ...

(you have to hear me do the voices, though...)

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