To please Lou DuChez, here's a SubGeniusized version of another ELP song.

BETTER DAYS (from "Black Moon", 1992)

I was standing at the station, saw "Bob" Dobbs a-lyin' on a chair
I went over to him, said, "Hey, "Bob", what are *you* doing there?"
He said "*cough* *cough* Have you got some 'frop?"
So I took out my pistol, shot him till he dropped

'Tain't nary a Pink Boy's gonna pee my ass
Just what do you think, boy? Do I talk too fast?
When I get to rantin', can't slow me down
Gonna run those Nazi Hell Creatures outta town

CHORUS: So stand on me, and give me all your money
Stand on me, I'll blow the con away
Stand on me, my ranting isn't funny
Stand on me, I'm surfing on the slack of better days

I talked to Wotan, that monster god
I told him that no man's gonna call me odd
'Cuase I got the powers of Time Control
I got a mortage out on their blank Pink soul

So that old Jehovah, he cussed and spat
He pulled out his smitin' fist, and he laid me flat
Spent a year in traction, but I don't gripe
Cause I've been smoking all this time on the one true Pipe

(repeat chorus: bang pots and pans until you run out of steam)

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