"Closer to "Bob""

"Closer to "Bob""

From: pkitty@netcom.com (Purple Kitty)

[NOTE FOR NINE INCH NAILS FANS: I would've preferred using the Closer to
God remix of this song, since I think EVERYONE who listens to radio is
damned sick of this (VERY atypical) piece of Trent Reznor's work...but
the lyrics just fall into place better with this version.]

"Closer to "Bob""
TTTO "Closer" - Nine Inch Nails
Lyrics by Pee Kitty <pkitty@netcom.com> with Brujah Brother Ben
All Rights Reversed, distribute Slackfully

Pinks try to implicate you
Pinks try to emulate you
Pinks try to say they hate you
Pinks try to defenstrate you

Help me...my only friends are Bobbies
Help me...a neighborhood of Pinks
Help me...I'm scared of the Conspiracy
What is it they won't let me think?

I want to Slack off like a Yetinsyn
I'll tear the Con down from the inside
I want to Slack off like a Yetinsyn
This normal thinking is flawed
Slack gets me closer to "Bob"

You can have my Con programming
You can have the boredom it brings
You can have my job if you want
All I need is just one thing

Help me..."Bob" save me from False Slack
Help me..."Bob" please smite these fucks
Help me...I sure ain't perfect
But I sent in my thirty bucks

I'm gonna Slack off like a Yetinsyn
My Pstench is gonna make the Pinks hide
I'm gonna Slack off like a Yetinsyn
To these Pink ants, I'm a god
Slack gets me closer to "Bob"

(Aboard the spaceship...above the Earth
Watch the Pinks grovel...shows what they're worth
They beg for Rupture...they scream and pray
You should've listened...before X-day)

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