Cuthulu's Song

Cuthulu's Song

From: (cuthulu)

I wrapped my suckered tentacles
'round that ol' Conspiracy,
squeezed until the beastie squealed
and moaned delioriously.

I feasted on its famished soul
'til dry and wraithy it flopped
about my mighty tentacles,
and then I went and fropped.

What life I left it it did not know,
gibbering it went to and fro.
And I laughed to see such glee
as the soulless Conspiracy.

I wrapped my suckered tentacles
'round Zoogz Rift's guitar,
and squeezed until the beastie squealed.
Yet surprised was I by far
when Zoogz Rift's guitar
Tapped into my eldritch prong
and shocked the ghee out of it
all night long.

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