I'm Honing My Bone Y'all

I'm Honing My Bone Y'all

From: Sphinx1@ix.netcom.com (sphinx drummond)

I can't believe this thread has been plodding along for weeks, nay
years. Oh well, I feel a need to throw in a much overlooked song by an
even more overlooked band. Does anyone remember THE DOBERMAN BITCHES?
They had an album out on Cool Guy Records a few years back called -
"(sic) Musick for Dweebs and Phuck Heads" - by far the best song on the album was *I'm Honing My Bone Y'all* with the following lyrics:

I was stokin' my engine with some vasoline
Sumpin' was a pumpin' but it wasn't gasoline
I'm the king of the world underneath the covers
All the women on the planet are my potential lovers

Chorus: I'm honing my bone y'all
I'm shining my wood
I'm honing my bone y'all
And it feels good

It's my imagination don't tell me that it's phony
Because I lose my mind each time I rope my pony
Now I'm not saying I don't need no one else
But I'm always pleased when I do it to myself

Repeat Chorus

Talk about a hard-on, my boner doesn't quit
The seams of my jeans are always throwing a fit
Shala was the kind of girl who couldn't be beat
Until I was alone snuggled in-between the sheets

Repeat Chorus 2 times & fade with:
Now don't it feel good
Yeah it feels good....etc

OK, I confess, I was just bullshiting about the Doberman Bitches, I
made it all up. Maybe the song will be on the next Swingin' Love
Corpse album, if another album ever gets made.

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