"My Name Is "Bob""

"My Name Is "Bob""

From: dynasor@infi.net (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

"My Name Is "Bob""

Taken from "My Name Is Mud" on the album PORK SODA by Primus
(If you've heard it, you know full well the music itself is
so damn strange that it can't be written. Just try listening
and fitting these words in. Better yet, make up some
anti-music of your own to go with it.)

My name is "Bob".
Not to be confused with Jesus, or Buddha, or Congress,
or Pat Robertson.
My name is "Bob" and I've always been...
I'm the best damn salesman you've ever seen.

I smoke a pipe, yes a damn fine pipe..
From head to chin I'm just a grin, .
My little dots shine, well most the time,
'cept today I need a dollar
from this follower of mine.
Damn fool Yeti tried to change his luck.
He ain't gettin' off so easy,
I want my buck.

My name is "Bob".
My name is "Bob", but call me Jay Period Are Period
Quote Bee Oh Bee Unquote Dobbs.
That's short for "Bob" or so I've thunk.
Told me by those sonsabitch punk Doktors
what makes anti-music.

I've got my pipe. I smoke my 'frop.
I'd smoke the finest except I haven't had to reload
in several months, or were it years.
The smile on my face you can see clear across space,
it'll bring any Yeti home.

We have our Church, we fight the CON,
so they send their dollars and they get it on,
and learn to think. We cure the Pink.

My name is "Bob".

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