a song by Rev. Matthew A. Carey

I'm not saying you're a sellout,
but I think you should have held out.
You let yourself get taken for such a steal.

What's the matter with you?
Can't you see what you can do?
You've got so much god damn sex appeal.

But you sold yourself short,
like, extremely short.
Like, your eternal soul for a banana peel.

I should probably just kill you,
but I will not until you
admit to yourself that you got a raw deal.

REFRAIN (can't figure out how to work these in.)

You got screwed.
You got shafted.
The first deal that came along
and you fuckin' grabbed it.

But it's your life to live
and for that I'm glad
because you fucked up
and you FUCKED UP BAD!!!!!

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