Now here's my offering.

SLACK MOON. (Emerson, Lake and Palmer, "Black Moon", 1992).

Every day I see the saucers coming
From their wormhole bored through space
Every time I walk across the street
I smell the 'Frop blowing in my face.
We will learn when the Normals burn
That the One True Church don't lie:
The Con'll be sorry when we reach high noon - Slack Moon.

'Taint no Pinks gonna be stealing my Slack
When those White Stones fall like rain
'Tain't nobody gonna mess with "Bob"
With MWOWM inside their brain.
Us True Yeti's been caught in the middle
We never call the tune
If we don't get slackful we become immune - Slack Moon.

Fire from the heavens
Dobbsheads on the Sea
Slack Moon is rising
How long will it be?

Take a look around the world
JeHoVaH just don't wait
We're all pawns in his cosmic plan
Gotta learn to use our Hate -
We gotta send thirty bucks to Dallas
Gotta play that Doktor tune
You know those saucers couldn't come too soon - Slack Moon.

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