The Yeti Dook

The Yeti Dook

From: (LesLucid)

The Yeti Dook RantOpus IX - by LesLucid

A Yeti Dook did smartly ride
Where crosswinds blow and drifts collide.
Through time and luck he gave and took,
Wringing dong and banging nook.

A golden seam where Yeti stood
Illuminating anglehood -
He basked in his omnipotence
And shone in his magnificence.

Through then and now this Dook did go
Past Jew and Christian rodeo
Tween red and white, mixed to pink
With blue, a monumental stink.

Now is then in Yeti terms
Except for all the recent germs
Which slink and brew and fester long
Where Normals play and creech their song.

Loudly gnaw the normal dorks
And stoutly bite upon their forks.
The forks with shit are piled high
from digging in the bullshit pie.

On gray device the Normals go
Talking of Michaelangelo.
A slackless fool, the normal dork,
With girth abundant, pink, like pork.

O fateful crux where linchpin holds
The luck plane's time-location folds,
Where focused vortex points the way,
Why Dook and dork will fight some day.

He gleams an eye, this elder Yeti,
Radiating slack a-plenty
Like dolphins brow, not leopard's feet,
Like cockatoo and parakeet.

Those who cross this Yeti's path
Might come to know his fearsome wrath,
Those who sponsored so much fear
Like tempest twat's, Ar and Mir.

Those who cross the Yeti's will
Are soon to be forever still,
Still until forever's call
When timeless futures pass us all.

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