Slackfux Unite! FTP ObeKOF!

Slackfux Unite! FTP ObeKOF!

SLACKFUX UNITE! If you are reading this and respond to the SLACK
enclosed---The almighty BOB smiles upon you and your luckplane is about to
achieve new levels of salvation!
><><>Have you heard OBE-KOF???? please Post your mutationfactor response
if you have experienced this Music/Noise either on the "Hour of Slack or
over the 1-(617) LICK OBE (24HR) anwering machine or you actually possess
one of the sacred OBE or KOF CDs/tapes or Viny! >>>BTM-ObeKOF/Po Box
221/Boston, MA 02123
Maybe our alien nympho friends beemed the OBE-KOF straight into yer brain
matter?? Whatever the method - what do ya think about OBE-KOF?
Please CONTACT us by snailmail/ESP/telephone/email/newgroup posting!
CALL 1-(617) LICK OBE for "FREE GIFT" stickers and info!


From: (Michael Townsend)

Shit yeah I'll testify! OBE/KOF is the absolute BEST SubGenius band on
Earth! The Swingin' Love Corpses SUCK compared to Bill T. Miller and the
gang (uh oh, I'm in big trouble now...). If you call yourself a SubGenius
and you don't own the "Open Your Ears" disc, well, well, you might be
talkin' the talk, but you're DEFINITELY NOT vibin' the vibe of Slack!
This music will boil your brains! You'll swallow your tongue in ecstasy!
You'll be masturbating along with the beat by the third track! You'll be
dancing in a tub full of gasoline, bub! Listen with headphones and feel
the pus pour out of your eyes! It's music to murder your parents by! Put
the baby in the microwave, honey, it's time for some Kings Of Feedback!
Ungh uhf arghm uomp blarmp arkh

(Uh, ok Bill? Think this'll get me some new free stuff for my show?)
>>>Dad's Fabulous Tape Exchange<<<
**Send a tape. Get a tape. It's that easy!**
Mail to: Dad's New Slacks - P.O. Box 4272 - Portland, Maine 04101-4272
::::or email me for more info:::::


From: (Kid Ginsu)

I'll testify. I've never heard a complete CD but having listened
3 years of Hour of Slack I can state clearly that hearing music is not
the same after hearing OBE/KOF. In fact, the first time I heard the band
I started masturbating in my car to the music as I drove down the road,
faster and faster. I could now never return to punk, industrial,
hardcore or even Stravinsky for my fix of atonality. Butthole Surfers
and VU were baroque FAIRIES compared to OBE/KOF. Slayer and Mettalica
are alright for my aunt but give me an OBE. I played Philip Glass'
entire catalog of works for my kid, and NOW he works at the mall, because
he LIKES THE MUZAK. I now know I should have played OBE for him.

ps Keep It Up!
pss Watch It.


Sternodox ( wrote:
: Hey, I wanna play with these cats. Who can set up a gig.
: Maybe Janor'll do it too. After all: We're DOKTORS! It's OK, m'am
: we're doktors. Yes, it might hurt just a TINY bit as we insert the
: device. But we're doktors, m'am, so don't worry. Oh, we're Doktors,
: we're Doktors, we're Doktors for "Bob". Shit, yeah, we're doktors,
: m'am, so you and your sister can relax. Yeeeeaaaaaaaghghghghghghg! Oh,
: that was nothing, m'am ... just ... uh ... JUST THE BLEEDING HEAD OF
: right --- we're DOKTORS)
: Rev. Sternodox

From: (Bill T. Miller (BTM))

Thanx for the raves and info! Bill T. Miller here (self proclaimed KING of the
KINGS OF FEEDBACK and insane SubGenius behind altar-ego OBE. That's right the
800 number is dead (the bigger OBE got, the poorer I got paying per call).
Many of the messages left on the machine were used in the new OBE/KOF Cd
"open your ears". Email ( or Call for stickers/info!
Sternodox contacted me via the infamous Modemac (who had posted the OBE
and KOF .wav">poke me File sounds to alt.slack binaries) and he will be getting a
ton of slack delivered by snail mail. Sternodox has quite an intense
gift for very visual rants (destined for a guest OBE/KOF appearance). Not
only can you still call 1-617-LICK OBE, but you can Email SOUNDFILES of
overtop short rant peaks for potential inclusion in future


*> >: { OK alt.slackmasters, Here's a limited offer! Mention "Dad's Slack
*> Sale" and Send $5 dollars US CASH (ppd) to: BTM/Box 221/ Boston, MA 02123
*>to get yer very own OBE and KOF CD (78 minute samplefest orgy of noise.}

> >
> >DOOOOO ITTTTTTT DO IT DO IT DO IT. Or else you will be declared
> >
> > *obsolete*

> >YES! This CD is a *totally* *necessary* OBJECT OF DESIRE and WHORESHIP
> >containing the *very* MUSIC that our ancient Antlantean ForeFathers and
> >PriorMoms danced to and sang during MATING FRENZIES of unimaginable

Contact with snail mail address for "FREE GIFT" sticker and info!
Via Email: or
Via Phone: Call 1-(617) LICK OBE (24 HR Machine-leave a message)
Via Snail Mail: BTM/ BOX 221 / Boston, MA 02123 USA
FTP> /vendors/ObeKOF-Noise (sound/text/pix files)


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