"Bob" is my One True Savior Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger

"Bob" is my One True Savior Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger

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Off of The Hair in "Bob's" Ears

Jehovah-1 has sent a new Messiah
He's the one who grins and smokes the pipe
For in a world of darkness danger and despair
We can go on smiling 'cause we know that "Bob" Dobbs is always there

And I know that "Bob's" on my side
I know it as sure as I'm born
He will make the proper deal with the Xist horde
Then we'll come to meet him then greet him then rule forever more

"Bob" is my one true savior
You can keep all of the rest
Looking at his smiling face helps me when I'm depressed
For the Pinks I sure feel sorry 'cause tommoree they'll fry with all the rest

"Bob's" has got no real brain to speak of
Though his luck has seen him through the lack
For all the geniuses led us down the wrong track
At least we know a SubGenius won't turn around and stab us in the back

The con thinks they have us suckered
But, I know that that is a lie
They're due for a big surprise from demons in the sky
Makes me so glad I wised up, got it sized up, hell I'm a lucky guy

"Bob" brought us slack and that lot's more
Than I ever got from the Con
But, I know it's only 'cause all those pills he's on
Heck I know he's ain't to clever but whatever he says I'll do or die

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