Welcome to the End Times

Welcome to the End Times


Slackmaster Cleve and the Spurious Jive

Off of Ear of "Bob"

I say we like to party, rock the party
Shit 'em, get off, rock the party

Welcome to the end times boys and girls
We're going to shock shock the house with your brand new world
"Bob" is getting down with you here tonight
"Bob" is getting down to help your plight
"Bob" is coming here to ease your strife
Come on let us bring "Bob" into your life

Well I'm M.C. Cleve, I'm the master of rap
I'm a talking like a mother fucker lisp with the clap
You all sitting 'round saying "Oh woe is me"
Well I'm here to tell ya "It ain't worth pee"
The end times is here Your freedom at last!
Time to make 'em pay for the fuck-ups of the past
The world's going to have to go through a rebirth
And that means paying the spaceship earth
Xists will come from planet X
To remove from us the pink boys hex
In the meantime, we will have our say Get slack!
And fornicate everyday

Knock the conspiracy on its ass
Make your life a fucking gas
Take your troubles right to the hip
Make the normal suckers flip
Take the time to rape their minds
Tell 'em to blow it out their behinds
They owe their money, get what your worth
And prepare for the spiritual rebirth

Woof woof, woof woof woof, poop dog, pee dog
Woof woof, woof woof woof, poop dog, pee dog
Woof woof, woof woof woof, poop dog, pee dog
Woof woof, woof woof woof, poop dog, pee dog

Slack master gets it faster than any other stoned to the bone
He's a one of a kind, stick it up your behind

If you want to know the truth and not the facts
Somebody scream "Give me more Slack! Give me more Slack!"

Do you like Slack? I like it
I think I love Slack I love it
Do you want Slack? I want it
Do you need Slack? I need it
Do you like NhGh? No-oh
Do you like Narnini? Okay
What about NuNu? No-oh
Look out for the Yacatisma Oh-oh
Get down G'Broagfran(?) Go
What about Jhvh-1? Okay
Do you like Trilaterists? No
The Consil on Foriegn Relations? No
The fucking illuminati? No
What about the removal? No
The head of the world cup golfer? No

Do you like "Bob?" Yeah
Do you like Ivan Stang? Yeah
Doctor Philo Drummond? No
How about Public Enemy? Yeah
What about Doktors for "Bob?" No
How about Paster Puck Naked? Yeah
Pope David M. Meyer? Yeah
How about Paul Mavrides? Yeah
Saint Janor Hypercleats? Yeah
And Doug Wellman? No
How about my friend D.K. Jones? Yeah
How about the Pentagle? No
How about Slack Master Cleve and the Spurious Jive?

Well I'm Reverend Cleve, the nasty son of Blow Fly
My dad's Rudt Ray Moore, my mama's sweet Dolomite
I'm the nazz, but I know what's what
And babe I like the shape and size and cut of your butt
So come over here and give up the gas
Whip some skull on me bitch of give me all your cash
In turn you won't have to worry about your soul
Because when the Xists come you'll be right on my paw
To Dobbstown Malaysia we will go
With the jiffy cool men that go ho ho ho

We'll be here with enough frop to blow your top
You just want to keep fucking and never stop
Now I might be lying there with an ice pack on my nuts
Or maybe I'll be chasing some other fine bucks
But, at least you won't have to wear machinery
And you'll be free from the fucking conspiracy

You'll watch us fly up in your face
As we make our way to outer space

And while you're wishing upon a star
You'll probably lose me in some interstellar bar
Ha ha ha ha

"Come on cleve that's your seventeenth bottle of Nightshade tonight. Lets go home before you pass out right here on the street!"
"Woman, I can drink more wine and stay soberer than all the heathen Hindus in Asia"
"Yeah, I heard that before. Get your popsicle sticks and let's get your damn dead dick home."
"Damn, I hope there's something good on T.V."

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