The Hall of EVILS

The perfect place for our new '96 ELECTION SECTION!

art by LIES


ARE YOU SURE that you want to enter this hellhole? Ask yourself: 'IS IT WORTH IT? Do I REALLY NEED the NEGATIVE VIBES?'

If you asked yourself that, you probably do.

Like all other religions, this one is based on HATRED of those NOT IN THE RELIGION. However, since we're so much more honest about that fact, our Hate is all the more PURE, the more UNRELENTING, the more REWARDING.

SLACK through HATE is not an unreasonable expectation.


We like to think that, as PatrioPsychotic AnarchoMaterialists, we are ABOVE what amount to purely rhetorical arguments bantered about by lower primates such as human beings. And yet... and yet... we seem never quite able to rise above that mundane mud plane. Strive as we might to INFLATE ourselves, and to ASCEND to loftier heights from which we might peer down at the squabblings of Earth-dwellers with an objective gaze, yet we still find ourselves mired in their petty issues.

PITY, THEN, the poor "Conservative on the Internet," outnumbered as he is in a medium invented by the affluent, educated, evil cultural elite. But don't pity him for long -- next year he'll probably shut this whole liberal mess down in fear that his children might stumble online upon a photo of a dog fucking a horse. (SEE: Sterno's Corner)


Remember HIGH WEIRDNESS BY MAIL? Well, this is more of that... the ugly parts, anyway.

Nazis, Satanists, White Supremacists, Commies, Scientologists, Christian Fundamentalists and even Bob Larson vie for our attention in this compendium of sheer, unrelenting RIVAL CULT HATE. Can we ever hate them as much as they hate us? We can only try. And this will help.

OOPS! The following sections didn't end up getting PREPPED as soon as certain VOLUNTEER BOMBIES promised. (AHEM!!!)

In the meantime, you can wait on pins and needles, just THINKING about how COOL they must be, or else check back in in, oh, say, a year or so.

Sometimes it's just not funny, not even to us.
It's REAL SIMPLE. If you run into somebody who says they're "Bob," KILL 'EM. If it really WAS "Bob," he'll bounce right back to life, and everything's FINE. You'll get a special prize for another confirmed Dobbs Sighting and Confirmation. If it's just another psuedo-psycho "ImaBob" pretender, he'll STAY DEAD, and that's even better.
WE PEE. Interested?
The House of PAIN
FLAMING, GOSSIP, EVIL RUMORS We SubGeniuses have a special kind of LOVE. We want to share our SPECIAL LOVE with ALL THE WORLD. But of all the many cults, isms, groups and species we LOVE so, we love EACH OTHER the MOST. Join us in this veritable orgy of good feelings and well-wishings. ((NOTE: This is one of the DEEPEST sections of the SUBsite. Wear your headlamp helmet, rubber boots and spelunking gear.))

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