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[NOTE from Modemac: And here's another fun, love-your-fellow-men message
preaching kindness and warmth to all. However, posting phone numbers to
the Net can be a problem, because you never know who would end up calling

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[ Posted on 17 Jan 1995 18:14:42 -0500 ]

Save America Before if becomes another Third World Cesspool

Here is an updated list of all the National Alliance Answering Services
operating in North America:

Arizona: (304) 653-4600
California: (602) 768-8685
Florida: (407) 696-2181
Illinois: (708) 818-4045
Maryland: (410) 813-4105
Mississippi: (601) 373-6290
Nevada: (702) 828-0350
New Jersey: (201) 697-1011
New York: (212) 388-2655
New York: (607) 936-2279
North Carolina: (919) 742-2438
Ohio: (216) 846-1045
Pennsylvania: (215) 435-3383
Texas: (214) 681-8918
Virginia: (703) 715-6050
Virginia: (804) 673-7350
Canada: (613) 834-7960

Call the one nearest you!

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Subject: Re: NationalAllianceUS
From: (Modemac)

Lou Duchez ( wrote:
>I think the SubGenius Abbess was trying to make the point that you really
>don't want to mess with the National Alliance. They are bad news, and
>they just might do more than flame you if they feel you deserve it.

However, one point must be stressed to those unlucky enough to come under
their not-so-good graces: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Help does exist for those
who need it, and more and more often that help is making right here to
the Net. One place where such help may be found, in fact, would be the
racist newsgroups such as alt.politics.nationalism.white. One nice
thing about the free access of Usenet to all is that anyone can go to a
place that strikes their interest. Since anti-racists are naturally
interested in the affairs and actions of racists, they head over to the
racist groups and become thorns in Der Fuehrer's side. Scan those
newsgroups for a while and it will be obvious who you'll want to contact
if you need help - or if you want to offer your own services.

Remember: hate groups work best against lone, scared individuals. Their
success rate against organized resistance is far lower.

>In Cleveland, a nifty service called Caller ID exists: it can list the
>phone number of an incoming call, plus the name that the phone number
>is registered to. Just the sort of service Neo-Nazis would probably
>get their hands on, just to deal with pranks ...

On the other hand, if YOU have this service, it can be a useful tool as

Here's one other thing that may be worth noting. One common trait
amongst followers of the Conspiracy is this: THEY ARE STUPID!
Justifiable paranoia can make you think that it's possible that someone
may be acting like someone you can trust, so that he can lure you into a
false sense of security and strike when you least expect it. While
things like this do happen once in a while, most of these kinds of
people only exist in the movies. The people with any real BRAINS (which
stems from the vestiges of Slack that they have stolen from the true
SubGenii) soon learn to form their own groups and attract mindless
followers of their own.

For an example of how the Conspiracy works, take a look at the clumsy,
dimwitted atempts to smash the critics in alt.religion.scientology. The
foot-soldiers Conspiracy only know one real method - brute force - and
subtlety is beyond their puny minds. The tactics of Scientology and the
National Alliance are actually quite similar: they use fear, hate, lies,
deception, and the legal system to terrorize their opponents. In the
short run, it works. But when the opposition is organized, they cannot
be stopped. This is one way that the Net is helping people!

So for those of you who are fighting the Conspiracy with your very
lives: keep your guard up. Keep your mind open. And POST BULLETINS
ABOUT YOUR STRUGGLE! You'll be amazed at what the Net can do for you!

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Subject: Re: NationalAllianceUS
From: (ChrisTuck)

Most PhoneCo's offer Per-Call blocking, a couple of strokes on the old
TouchTone pad before making the call and Caller ID winds up wanking
itself because your number isn't shown on the display.

The National Alliance is a bunch of pussywimp asswipes, particularly
when it comes to matching wits (or weapons) with SubGenius.

I've got a question for all those Aryan Power types.

If Hitler was such a perfect Aryan Leader, and the Germans were all such
Perfect Aryan Warriors, how come Germany lost WWII? Huh? How come?

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