Sai Baba, Baba Ramdass & Zoogz Rift

From: IDGHTMS@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU (Zoogz Rift (The Liquid Moamo))
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 16:14 (Andrew J. Testa) writes:
> The entity known as John Dymond ( posted:
>* Is anyone reading this who has heard of Man of Miracles, Sathya Sai Baba,
>* in Puttaparthi in India. if not, why not. it`s open you mind time
>* guys.Who else have you heard of in YOUR lifetime who can bring people
>* back from the dead after four days, and materialise all over the world in
>* full form when he chooses. Also he can produce, with a wave of his hand,
>* any object AT WILL. Forget all the obvious thoughts of ,oh, Paul
>* Daniels can do that` (or any other magician you care to name) A s I said,
>* make your own enquiries before you pass judgement on this note!!!
>Damnit, I KNEW I'd find that bastard sooner or later. Don't leave him
>alone in your apartment, whatever you do! I took the sot in, he does
>a few raisings, a few materializations, then POOF! One day he's gone and
>all my silverware with him! The fucker owes me, big time. Tell him I'm
>comming for his scabby ass.
>Oh, yeah, the damn dog had the puppies, too. I'll get even for THAT as

My friend Barry is really into Sai Baba, and showed me a metal photo of
Sai Baba that Sai Baba supposedly coughed up at will (which one is
will?). One time Barry and I (this is a true story) went to go visit
Baba Ramdass (Richard Alpert) at his apt. in NYC, and the three of us
just sat there in silence for two hours, "being there, then." It was
during that time that I discovered that my body was made of 98% water,
and that I could make my body 18 feet high but only 1 inch in diameter.
Isneaked out through the keyhole, like a skeleton key.

--Zoogz Rift (The Liquid Moamo) groovy rock star & mgr of pro wrestlers

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