The Black Order

Subject: National Socialism and Satanism
From: (Modemac)

[NOTE from Modemac: You know, I can't tell if this thing is serious or
satire! Decide for yourself. Or email the original author of the
message and see what he thinks.]

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[ Author was Graeme Wilson ]
[ Posted on 8 Feb 1995 18:55:08 -0600 ]

National Socialism and Satanism

The Black Order of Pan-Europa
P.O. Box 38-262
Wellington Mail Centre
New Zealand


Dear Comrade T.

Thank you for your thought-provoking letter of 11 Dec. which raises
several questions which have been put to me by other National Socialists
also. Iwill therefore make my answers in the form of a brochure which
might be instructive to others.

Firstly, TBO is not a National Socialist organization per se. The role
of National Socialist philosophy and the Third Reich on the Aeonic
destiny of the European is however very much a part of its terms of

Similarly, TBO is not a Satanic organization per se, although again,
Satanism is considered relevant to its purposes, which I shall explain.

What TBO primarily is, is an esoteric Order established to re-presences
the repressed ("Shadow") soul of the European folk, which has been
stifled by Judaeo-Christianity and its ideological and plutocratic

To the extent that National Socialism and Satanism are both part of a
SINISTER DIALECTIC (i.e. a pragmatic strategy) to crush the deniers of
our destiny and re-presence that part of our folkish soul which has been
repressed, they are relevant to TBO.

We seek above all, to reinvigorate our folk by again making it a
TOTALITY, aware of its place in the Cosmos, and of its starbound destiny
and potential towards Godhood.


National Socialism was the political form of an Esoteric Current in
Europe which was then represented by The Thule Society. The Third Reich
was a SEEDING of the future European Imperium. It created new archetypes
and martyrs of the European folk with its BLOOD SACRIFICE and epic
heroism in the service of that Destiny.

Hitler was the central figure of that COSMIC DRAMA, but he did not seem
to regard himself as the final embodiment of the Vindex/Kalki that
was/is awaited by the European Esoteric Current. Rather he was something
of a "John-the-Baptist" establishing the way ("seeding") for "the one
that would come after", as he himself stated.

Therefore the first experiment - The Third Reich - was not the final -
aborted - form of the European Imperium, but the prelude to something
greater to come: something nothing less than cosmic and starbound in

The Current established by the Blood Sacrifice of National Socialism
lives esoterically/psychically in the Unconscious not only of the
European folk, but even of its enemies whose hatred and persecution only
empower it further.


Since the Hebrew culture is an amalgam and adaptation of the various
cultures encountered by the Hebrews, its should not be a surprise if
"Satan" in NOT of Hebrew origin. The English "traditional Satanists" The
Order of Nine Angles (who promote National Socialism as embodying our
Aeonic destiny) trace the etymology of "Satan" to Greek, meaning "an
accusation ([greek lettering unavailable]) from whence the Hebrew Satan,
"the accuser". (It might be relevant to mention that the Grand Master of
the ONA prior to the current one is a scholar who has translated several
of the Greek classics).

Others connect "Satan" to the Indo-Aryan SAT, the Dark entropic force
infusing Nature (somewhat reminiscent of the recently discovered "dark
mass" that physicists say permeates the cosmos).

Many, probably most cultures have equivalents of this Dark Force. It is
manifest in the creative/destructive power of SHIVA, and the cosmic
interplay of Shakti/Shiva. It is represented in the Norse myth of
Ragnarok where the dark hordes of Loki, Fenrir, et al. instigate the
cosmic cataclysm which clears the way for a new cosmic order: a cyclic
process of Creation/Destruction/Renewal, without which there would be
stasis and decay.


In its more widely known aspect as "adversary and accuser" Satan is the
archetype that instigates rebellion and heresy against the status quo.
Medieval Satanism was the response of pagan folk to the repression of
the Church. Today, we of TBO think it more fitting that the adversity
and accusation be directed against plutocracy, whether in its Puritan,
Jewish, or Vatican forms, which seek to LEVEL all under the doctrines of
Universalism and cosmopolitism, euphemistically called the "New World


TBO seeks a cross-current of Fascism/NS/paganism/Satanism, all of which
share fundamentals such as the ascent of man to Godhood within a
Nature-based order. Most Satanists are pro-Fascist to some extent, and
there has long been an interaction between post-war Fascists and

Yes, we do fight for Truth, Nature, Strength, & Honour; & "Light", but
also the "Dark" - as both are equally aspects of Nature.

As for "killing cats, dogs, and pigs", this is akin to asking NS about
"The Holocaust" and "lampshades of human skin", etc. Satanists as pagans
attuned to Nature tend to be animal lovers, whom I'm sure would applaud
the animal protection measures which were pioneered by the Third Reich.

Order of Nine Angles, Box 228, York YO1 2GZ, England

Thormynd Press, Box 43, Hereford, England

Blood Axis, Box 18009, Denver, Co. 80218, USA

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Subject: Dualism and the Cycles of Time
From: (Modemac)

[NOTE from Modemac: The end of this message includes an offer to join
this "Black Order" society. If you can figure out what these guys are
talking about, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.]

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[ Author was Graeme Wilson ]
[ Posted on 8 Feb 1995 19:04:55 -0600 ]

Dualism and the Cycles of Time

The Black Order of Pan-Europa
P.O. Box 38-262
Wellington Mail Centre
New Zealand


"The general imprecise way of observing sees everywhere in nature
opposites where there are, not opposites, but differences of degree.
This bad habit has led us into wanting to comprehend and analyse the
inner world, too, the spiritual-moral world, in terms of such opposites.
An unspeakable amount of painfulness, arrogance, harshness,
estrangement, frigidity has entered into human feelings because we think
we see opposites instead of transitions."
- Nietzsche

The moral dogma that has infected Civilisation since its beginning is a
Judaic DUALISM inherited from Zoroastrianism and brought in by the
virus of Christianity.

Dualism states that there is a battle being fought in both the spiritual
and earthly realms (and even within every individual) between two
opposites: "good & evil."

Not only has this Dualism subverted our Culture, it has turned the
individual into a split personality: This is the result of repressing
what is considered "evil" about one's nature by moral and religious


Before this Dualism was implanted, pagan societies didn't label natural
forces with such absolute moral attributes. There were creative and
destructive forces in Nature, often symbolized as gods. But even the
destructive aspects has creative purposes, and were part of a
transcendent cosmic unity.

For e.g. in what moral context can we place Indo-Aryan deities such as
Shiva & Kali? To the Western dualized mind they would be considered
"evil" because of their primal destructiveness. But to the Hindus,
retaining the ancient Aryan wisdom, they are "beyond good & evil." They
comprise both the creative & destructive aspects of Nature in their
various forms and roles. Even their destructive roles are a vital part
of a cosmic CYCLIC process of creation-destruction-renewal: Shiva in his
Cosmic Dance of Destruction clears the way for another round of
history's endless Cycles.


The Germanics & Norse, like their Indo-Aryan kinsfolk, also had this
cyclic cosmology. The destruction brought by Ragnarok is the prelude to
a new earth, new humanity, new heaven & even a new pantheon of gods. The
Gods themselves cannot avoid their Fate, for without the destruction by
Ragnarok there would be stagnation and decay.

The Dark forces of Loki, Fenrir, Surt, Garm and Iormungandr are
Catalysts for Change; thus the Cycle continues:
creation-destruction-renewal. This is the inexorable process that can be
observed in both History & Nature.

The Aryan Persians before Zoroastrianism had a conception of this
interplay between the Light & Dark forces which were seen as two aspects
of Zervan, Lord of Time. The Light of Ahura Mazda & the Dark of Ahriman
were both emanation of Zervan. Zoroastrianism divided these two into
moral opposites separated from the Time Lord. It is from here that
Judaism & ultimately Christianity got their DUALISM, which has afflicted
the West.

Some of the Gnostic sects rejected Dualism and restored the ancient
wisdom in the deity Abraxas, who united all polarities within himself.
The psychologist Carl Jung turned to Abraxas when considering the
inter-relationship that exists between polarities in Nature.


Jung revived the ancient wisdom with modern scientific methods and
terms, but drawing from pre- and non-Christian cultures and Medieval
Alchemy. He sought to unify the polarities within the individual to
create the whole person (called "Individuation") no longer cut off from
his repressed so-called "evil" SHADOW SELF. This "Individuation" of
Jungian psychology is also akin to the occultist's quest for Adeptship.

Jung was concerned with how a neurotic christian civilization could be
brought back to the completeness of pagan times. He saw the need to
allow the repressed barbarian lurking within modern man to resurface and
find a modern expression. Thus his support for National Socialist
Germany as an expression of the repressed Shadow Self of the Germans,
symbolized as Wotan.


Judaeo-Christian moral dualism is now so deep-seated within the Western
psyche that even those pagans who think they are outside the Christian
context are as dualized as any Christling.

These "neo-pagans" (sic) have made internationalists & pacifists out of
tribal war gods! Where warrior attributes cannot be ignored, they have
been transformed into "the way of the peaceful warrior" (puke!). Tyr,
Thor & Odin have been castrated. The neo-pagans have simply made the Old
Gods reflections of their own dualized, half-selves. They have repressed
as "evil" the Dark aspects. These neo-pagans are worse than useless;
they are another aspect of the dualism that is driving the European folk
to self-destruction.

Even many (most?) of the harder-line "Odinists", have a cosmology that
is essentially Christian. They have dualized the Aesir & the Jotuns into
contending moral forces of "good vs. evil" - ODIN (OR BALDER) IS THEIR
significance of Indo-European cyclic cosmology has been rendered null
and void.

The pagan heritage has been Dualized.......... Christianized!

There are some pagans, however, who continue to honour the ancient
wisdom. They see the cosmos as an interplay of polarities, not as a
battlefield of moral dualities. It is this that is the basis of
EVOLUTION. Without this catalyst mankind slips back into the nebulous
mass from which he evolved. It is just such a degraded state that the
religions and moralities of decay are dragging us towards. Let our path
be starbound. HAIL ODIN! HAIL LOKI!


The Black Order is an esoteric body of men and women established to
presence the "dark" or "Shadow" side of the European unconscious.

If you are at least 18 and interested in the pagan folkways of the
European peoples and you are interested in the possibility of joining
The Black Order, send a 500-word autobiography, including your views on
politics, culture and history.

If deemed suitable, you will be sent an application and introduction

* * * * *

Subject: The Black Order (Intro)
From: (Modemac)

[NOTE from Modemac: Ah, this explains it. Basically, these guys say that
might makes white, only the strong survive, and you have to beat up your
weak defenseless non-Germanic cousins if you wan tto get anywhere in this
world. And here I thought these guys were trying to say something
original for a change.]

[ Article crossposted from alt.politics.nationalism.white ]
[ Author was Graeme Wilson ]
[ Posted on Wed, 8 Feb 1995 12:19:54 +1300 ]



World Headquarters
P.O. Box 38-262
Wellington Mail Centre
New Zealand

"Should the subduing talisman, the Cross, break then will come the
roaring forth of wild madness of the old champions... The talisman is
brittle, and the day will come when it will pitifully break. The old
stone gods will rise... and rub the dust of a thousand years from their
eyes. And Thor, leaping forth with his giant hammer, will crush the
Gothic Cathedrals!"

So wrote the poet Heinrich Heine in 1834. A century later the ancient
berserker force was unleashed from the restraints not only of
Christianity, but the whole liberal/rationalist/materialist complex
which had stricken Europe for so long.

National Socialist Germany saw the resurgence of Man as an instinctive
animal, a part of nature, in contrast to the Christian dogma of man
distinct and apart from nature.

Man's animal self was repressed by the Nazarene creed, and the political
dogmas it gave birth to. These anti-life forces, including Marxism,
Christianity and capitalism, repressed the instinctive nature of Man.

Repression causes neuroses which seek outlets, and Germany exploded as
the repressed forces of man's primal nature were unleashed with the
appeal to Life made by the NSDAP.

The Swiss psychologist Jung saw National Socialism as necessary for
making whole the German volk, which had been split off from its "Shadow"
Self, that dark path of the collective unconscious of a people which is
repressed from consciousness. He saw this Shadow Self of the Germans
embodied in the archetypal dark god Wotan.

In late 19th and early 20th century Germany and Austria there were many
flourishing esoteric orders which sought to establish a reborn Germanic
identity and to reconnect the volk with its repressed archetypes.

One of the most significant of these Orders was founded in Germany in
1912 - the German Order. From this sprang the Thule Society whose
driving force was Rudolf von Serbottendorff. He had been schooled in
occultism, Islamic mysticism, alchemy, Rosicrucianism and much else, in
Turkey, where he had also been initiated into Freemasonry.

Thule served as the recruiting and political action front of the German
Order. Serbottendorff bought a failing Munich newspaper, the Beobachter
which he renamed the Volkische Beobachter and it became the official
newspaper of the NSDAP.

A movement to promote Thulian ideas among industrial workers and to
offset Marxism, was formed in 1918 - the Workers' Political Circle -
with Thulist Karl Harrer as chairman. From this came the German Workers'
Party in 1919. A year later this became the NSDAP under the leadership
of Adolf Hitler.

Serbottendorff himself stated: "Thule members were the people whom
Hitler first turned and who first allied themselves with Hitler."

The Thule society was active in efforts to overthrow the Barvarian
Communist Government. Their propaganda effort was aided by a journalist,
poet, and occult student Dietrich Eckart, who was the major intellectual
influence on Hitler in the early years. The swastika flag adopted by the
NSDAP was the brain-child of another Thulist, Dr Krohn.

With the victory of the Nazi Party, the occult tradition was carried on
in the Third Reich mainly by the SS, who Reichsfuhrer, Himmler, was an
avid student of the occult. An SS occult research department, the
Ahnernerbe (Ancestral Heritage) was established in 1935 with SS Colonel
Wolfram von Sievers at its head. Occult research took SS researchers as
far afield as Tibet. Sievers had the Tantrik prayer, the Bardo Thodol,
read over his body after his execution at Nuremberg.

National Socialism and the Third Reich represented a major attempt by
high esoteric Adepts to re-establish a Culture based on the Laws of
Nature, against the entrenched forces of anti-Life. Nothing that
ambitious had been tried since the founding of the American Republic by
Masonic adepts.


1. We believe in Uralten - the Original or Ancient One of Germanics as
representation of the creative/destructive force that permeates the
cosmos, the Entropy of physics.

2. Our creed is therefore based on the Laws of Nature, as revealed by

3. Feelings of oneness and attunement with Nature and the Cosmos as
manifestations of the Uralten-Force is "good". That which weakens is

4. Our morality is: that which strengthens the individual as a
manifestation of the Uralten-Force is "good". That which weakens is

5. We hold that Nature, and therefore history, is cyclic, governed by
cycles of life-death-renewal, and that these principle governs the rise
and fall of Civilizations. This is the ancient wisdom of the esoteric
schools of both East and West.

6. The cosmos operates on the basis of polarities, a doctrine common to
the ancient cosmologies of the Norse, Eastern Taoists, Pythagoreans and
the Hebrew Kabbalists, and that the interaction of these polarities
causes evolution.

7. Man need not be a passive spectator or victim of the "gods" or
"Fate", but by understanding the laws of the cosmos can, through his
will, be an active agent in the evolutionary process.

8. Those attuned to the Uralten Force flowing through Nature have the
essence of the Force within, and are links in an evolutionary chain
toward the "Nietzschean Over-Man".

9. Man's destiny is to play amongst the stars; the destiny of his
evolution into the foreseeable future : Homo Galactica.

* * *


Aims: To (a) Study the esoteric current behind National Socialism, Thule,
and the occult traditions from which they derived; (b) Prepare a
political and cultural infrastructure to replace the collapsing Old
Order; (c) Presence the Dark Forces on Earth via ritual magick, study,
propaganda, infiltration, and any other means deemed necessary.

Leadership: Leadership is vested in the Grand Master (GM), who has
ultimate responsibility for the interpretation and amendment of this

Organisation: The basic unit is the Lodge. At least 3 members may form a
Lodge, and elect a Master/Mistress, subject to approval by the GM.

Membership: Applicants must be at least 18.

Conduct: A Master/Mistress may suspend a subordinate, subject to review
by the GM.

Symbol: The iwaz rune rep. the yew tree of Life & Death, crossed to form
a Cosmic Wheel, surrounded by a self-devouring serpent; the whole being
the evolutionary interaction of polarities.


The Black Order is an esoteric body of men and women established to
presence the "dark" or "Shadow" side of the European unconscious.

If you are at least 18 and interested in the pagan folkways of the
European peoples and you are interested in the possibility of joining
The Black Order, send a 500-word autobiography, including your views on
politics, culture and history.

If deemed suitable, you will be sent an application and introduction

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