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Date: 8 May 1995 02:11:26 GMT

henry ( wrote:
: [in response to various accusations that calling
: scientology a 'cult' is just a rhetorical tactic.

: in defense of the use the the word 'cult' to describe
: scientology.

: scientology is a cult, by the strictest definition of the word.

WHOSE definition? An anthropologist's, or some religious kook?

: any claims to it being a religion can be dispelled by
: comparing it to an _actual_ religion. _any_ religion.]

: christianity vs. scientology: a brief comparison of two theologies

[ closed captioned for the Reality Impaired. NotW=News of the Weird;
MNotW=More News of the Weird; BNotW=Beyond News of the Weird ]

: thou shalt not steal steal to give your money
: to scientology

[ 1985: Catholic priest arrested in Port Richey, Florida,
and charged with shoplifting a bag of condoms --NotW]

[ note also the famous Jim Bakker, taking money from his
ministry to pay hush money to Jessica Hahn ]

[ note also the whole concept of FRAUD vs. theft; Blessed Prayer
Cloths (mas produced,) Blessed Vials of water from the River
Jordan (actually from rivers in the U.S.) ... ]

: thou shalt not bear false tell lies for scientology
: witness against thy
: neighbor

[ Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert both attempted to keep the lid
on their picadillos, until pressured. Jerry Falwell claimed
that Bakker gave people "homosexual looks", but couldn't
produce a witness (or an explanation of what a "homosexual
look" is ]

[ Ironton, OH: Rev. Jim Brown tells First Church of Nazarene
congregation in 1986 that the theme song to the old TV show
"Mr. Ed," played in reverse, contains satanic messages.
--NotW (in case you're wondering, William Poundstone proved
it doesn't.) ]

[ Paul Scmitz of the Schiller Institute claims that the human
singing voice is supposed to be pitched at A=432 and support
changing to this to "defeat the growing scourge of Satanism
internationally. Record company executives who produce
"heavy metal satanic rock" raised the pitch to A=440 in
America and A=442 in Europe as part of their plot. --MNotW ]

[ Phil Phillips, author of _Turmoil of the Toybox_, believes that
Satan is trying to gain control of children's minds through
their toys. EXAMPLES:
Yoda -- encourages the "occult" beliefs
of Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Islam,
and Judaism
unicorn (My Little Pony) symbol of Antichrist
Care-Bears promote Eastern religious concepts
Papa Smurf uses spells and incantations
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe--
usurps God's role as the universe's
actual master.
--MNotW ]

: thou shalt not covet thy covet anything and everything,
: neighbor's wife and then steal it and give it
: to scientology

[ there have been over 140 reported instances in 18 states
of priests molesting children; a report to the U.S. Catholic
Bishops esitimated the church's liability in lawsuits by the
victims could reach $1 Billion over the next decade. --MNotW ]

[ Brownsville, TX: jury awards $500,000 to Steve Woolverton in
his lawsuit against the local Catholic diocese for refusing
to stop Sister Mary Kregar from seducing and having an affair
with Woolverton's wife. --MNotW]

[ Catholic Priest Gene Jakubek confessed to having sex with
one particular woman four times in two years. She replied
that they had sex twice a month for four years, but that he
did give up sex for Lent. ---MNotW ]

[ Bangor, ME: head of the state Moral Majority resigns amid
allegations of having had sex with his church organist. --NotW]

[ California: woman sues Roman Catholic archdiocese for $21 million
because she had sex with seven priests, two of which could be the
the father of her child. --NotW]

: 'love thy neighbor 'ATTACK!' - L. Ron Hubbard
: as thyself.' - Jesus

[ Petersburg, VA: founder of a fundamentalist Christian community
convicted of mansluaghter, along with the parents of a 2-year-old
boy, after the boy died in 1982 as a result of two hours of
paddling that she said was necessary to win a "test of wills"
with the child. --NotW ]

[ England: Canon Michael Dittmer describes Fred Clark in a funeral
eulogy: "very disagreeable man with little good in him who would
not be missed." --NotW ]

[ Kenya, Africa: John Kimutai Korir, leader of the Church of God in
Kenya, is convicted of killing a 17-year-old girl during an
exorcism. Korir claimed that cutting open the girl's chest,
removing her lungs, placing them in her mouth, and praying for
the girl would chase away the evil spirits. --NotW]

[ Chicago: the Rev. Charles Jones beats his wife, Michele
Schwartz, when arguing over who had saved more souls. Michele
shot her husband and is found reading the Bible over his corpse.
She is acquitted of murder. --NotW ]

[ South Africa: Barend Strydom, after killing seven black South
Africans, said that he meditated three days and prayed to
Jesus Christ for a sign that Jesus approved of his murder plans.
--MNotW ]

[ Los Angeles: minitser R. L. Hymers, Jr., asked parishoners to
pray that U. S. Supreme Court Justice William Brennan would
die, so that an anti-abortion justice could be appointed in his
place. --MNotW ]

[ 1983: student at Colorado State University accuses a Fort Collins
Catholic priest of criticising her tambourine playing, then
grabbing her by the neck and belt and throwing her out a door and
down the stairs. When the church's youth director tried to
intervene, the priest slugged her in the face. ]

: honor thy father your family are
: and mother. Suppressive People

[ Christian sects approve of telling parents they are going
to Hell if they aren't Christian. ]

: 'he who would lead children brainwash the kids
: astray, it were better that as soon as they're born.
: he should have a millstone put the problems faced by children
: about his neck and be thrown born in the cult is
: into the sea.' - jesus an incalculable tragedy.

[ Sunday School. Vacation Bible School. The prayer in school
amendment. Commercials for the Church of Jesus Christ of the
Latter Day Saints during cartoon shows. ]

[ Grand Rapids, MI: Dwight Rymer, Baptist minister, asks for
children to volunteer to sit on a stool, then shicks them
with a battery to show how sometimes God "can shock you
into hearing His word." --MNotW ]

When you compare Scientology to a religion -- ANY religion -- you will
find that all religions are insane, and ANY of their followers can come
up with an excuse why killing, theft, fraud, and brainwashing in the name
of their "God" or leader is justified.

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