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James J. Lippard <> wrote:
> (Lawrence Sayre) wrote:
>> There is a book titled "Evidence That Demands A Verdict", written by
>> Josh McDowell, and published in 1972. If you can't find it at your
>> local library, it should be available (or orderable) thru any major
>> bookstore. If you can't find it anywhere else, a Christian bookstore
>> should be able to get you a copy. There is also the book "More
>> Evidence That Demands A Verdict", by the same author, and published in
>> 1975.
>McDowell is a pseudo-scholar who doesn't even write his own books
>(e.g., _Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity_ was authored
>by Glenn Morton and Probe Ministries; _Evidence That Demands a Verdict_
>was assembled by the credited research staff and perhaps lightly
>edited by McDowell). The book itself is full of distortion and
>half-truths, as can be seen in _The Verdict is In_. See my web page
>under "Atheism, Christianity, and SubGenius" for a link.
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