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Anti- Holocaust

From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 12:02:59 GMT

Here's a fun little FTP site: it gives you the TRUE MEANING behind
everyday words, and it shows you how your MINDS are being CONTROLLED by
the CONSPIRACY! Only problem is, this particular conspiracy is
the Jewish Conspiracy to Deceive Christians. When will these people
learn that the REAL Conspiracy is the one that they themselves are a part

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[ Author was Rick Savage ]
[ Posted on Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:41:15 GMT ]

From: ftp.netcom.com pub/SF/SFA

AntiThought-Control DICTIONARY

A Guide to Deceptive Words and Terms
Used to Neutralize Christians


CONTROLLED MEANING: The annihilation of six-million
Jews by the Nazis in World War II.

INTENT: A Zionist propaganda term used to create a sense of
guilt among non-Jews, and to promote indebtedness to, and
sympathy for, all Jews. A form of psychological blackmail
(brainwashing), especially among "Judeochristians," to reduce or
prevent thoughts or actions against Jews and the oppressive state
of Israeli -- thus, granting them carte blanche to kill the
Palestinians with impunity and financially bleed Germany and

TRUE MEANING: "Holocaust" comes from two Greek
words: holos, meaning "whole" and kaustos, meaning "burnt."
According to _Webster's 1828 Dictionary_, the word originally
meant "A burntsacrifice or offering, the whole of which was
consumed by fire." The term is used in the Bible to indicate
"whole burnt offerings to God" (Heb. 10:6). Notice that a
"holocaust" is not just ANYTHING burnt, but AN OFFERING
burnt. Thus, the Jews are claiming "six-million burnt offerings."

The fact that the Jews chose to use the word "holocaust" is
strong indication that the so-called "six-million" were not burnt by
the Nazis. In fact, they weren't burnt at all except in the inventive
minds of the Jewish Priests and the pens of the Jewish writers of
fiction and propaganda. This must be the case, because a Jewish
"holocaust" could not be offered by alien enemies (Nazis). A
Jewish "holocaust" must be offered to the Jewish god, by Jewish
priests! Otherwise, they could not call it a "Jewish holocaust."

What is the Anti-Thought Control Dictionary?

People can be controlled if their thoughts can be controlled.
Since words are thoughts in physical form, they can become
manipulative tools for controlling thoughts and thereby change the
way people think about certain things. To accomplish this, the
controllers only need to change the MEANINGS of important
words to fit their particular political view, and invent NEW
EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED TERMS to keep us confused and

Eventually, all important words said by anyone will
automatically convey the controllers biased political/religious
view. At this point it will become increasingly difficult for the
opposition to construct an effective opposing argument because
the words being used have been changed, defused, and/or made

If we carelessly acquiesce to meaning changes in this war of
words, then we will become _thought-controlled people_.
However, if we constantly define words, terms and phrases and
insist others give us their definitions, we can frustrate their attempts
to control our mind and spirit.

Get the complete dictionary by FTP from:
ftp.netcom.com pub/SF/SFA

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Subject: Yggdrasil says "Stay Calm!"

From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

[NOTE from Modemac: I feel SO much better now- don't you?]

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[ Author was Tommy the Tourist (Anon User) ]
[ Posted on 23 Apr 1995 21:48:48 GMT ]

Remain Calm

Liberals everywhere are going to make hay out of the Oklahoma
City bombing. That is to be expected. Expect the smears directed
toward all of us on the right based on guilt by association.
"Because these deranged bombers share your political views, you
are guilty too."

This tactic is normal. Expressions of moral outrage and guilt by
association are reflex actions among the dominant elites of our
liberal culture. It flows according to script.

But when the dust of Oklahoma City settles, we will still have:

- race quotas burdening whites;
- relentless anti-Western propaganda taught in the schools and
- welfare driven urban decay and unrestrained illegal
immigration forcing white flight;
- large advertisers purchasing cultural fare that portrays
white males as wimps and white businessmen as criminals;
- a democracy in which elected officials never pay attention
to citizens.

Our liberal elites will not even consider measures that might
reduce the anger. In truth, they wish to provoke it. White
violence gives them an excuse for grabbing more power and more
control. It gives them cover under which to step up their anti-
white propaganda efforts.

White male anger is another "problem" for the therapeutic state
to "solve."

The liberal elites will continue to do everything in their power
to enrage white males. The only difference will be that more
police will be watching. Instead of accommodation we will get
more repression.

We will still have angry white males and the anger will still be

As the liberal, multi-cultural elites impose ever greater demands
on young white males, it is inevitable that some angry loners
will resort to violence. Sadly, this may be the beginning of a
process of decay predicted in Yggdrasil's lesson 4, entitled
"Demographics and Revolt".

However, to all of you who lead or have access to white
nationalist groups, (and I know all of you monitor this NG!) I
will remind you once again -- We have a one very simple task to
perform over the next 20 years.

We must persuade the average European-American that they
will be _better off_ and _safer_ governed by us than by the

So the message to the troops is really very simple, isn't it:

Killing 150 Euro-Americans schlepping ATF paperwork for a
living in Oklahoma City hardly seems like a sound strategy
for convincing them that they are better off governed by us,
now, does it!

And so we will have no more of these incidents! - right?


Now further to our defense.

We must remind everyone that there is no connection whatever
between the "militia" types and white nationalists. These militia
types are into sightings of "foreign troops" and "black
helicopters." They are mad as hell at the government but never
seem to be able to articulate exactly why.

What you hear are abstract concepts like "freedom" and the "right
to bear arms." We haven't a clue what lies beneath these
abstractions. We white nationalists really do not know exactly
what the militiamens' world would look like!

They never articulate exactly what they want changed, they just
seem to be spoiling for a fight.

In truth, militiamen are primarily rural types. They have very
little contact with or understanding of multiculturalism. They
appear (at least by their silence) to accept the integrationist
myth. They appear to be of an extreme libertarian bent, a
provisional wing of the Republican Party, if you will.

If I had to guess, I would say that they have become alienated
because the cultural images beamed to them over the television
have become so alien to their world, that they no longer connect
with the larger society and have become intensely suspicious of
it. They are, in short, what Herrnstein and Murray wanted to warn
us about in "The Bell Curve", but could only describe in "code."

In contrast, white nationalists are urban and suburban. Our goals
are to defend European-Americans against the organized racial
aggression of the non-European-Americans. Frankly, we're just
not into sightings of "black helicopters" and "foreign troops on
American soil".

We are _definitely_ not into provoking civil war with our fellow
Euro-Americans the liberal elites hire to police us. Provoking
the ATF, FBI and (ultimately) the Marine Corps to fratricide is a
stillborn loser. The province of paranoids who do not understand
the issue of race.

But to my fellow white nationalists out there I say: - Don't let
this incident bother you. Continue the march. Like you, I am
angered at how easy it is for the media to create in the public
mind a connection between us and the bomber that does not exist.

But I spot opportunity here. It is absolutely clear that the
liberals will respond in inappropriate and provocative ways.
Our message of truth will be needed more than ever.

Further, the alienation of tens of millions of rural and small
town European-Americans creates an opportunity for us to
establish new movie and tv production companies to produce fare
that they can recognize. Entrepreneurial opportunities abound
here. But more important, this is a niche market that the
liberals will never be able to fill. The field is wide open.
There will be no competition!

In larger cities we need clubs where disaffected Euro-Americans
can go, speak their minds, enjoy themselves and be protected from
legal trouble. We need more music stores that carry white
nationalist music, and more bands to produce it. We need small
theaters and experimental film companies and a sense of
excitement in supporting their work.

We need to begin building institutions that protect and help
Euro-Americans. We need legal foundations to defend Euro-
Americans against the "hate-crime" show trials and other
infringements of free speech and civil liberties.

The list goes on and on, and will be expanded in future posts.

Fear not for the future!

---------ignore stuff below------------

My friends and me picked up a MAK-91. I know a gun expert. He knows
how to drill holes in the receiver for the autosear.

Subject: A new magazine for White racialists...

From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

[NOTE from Modemac: Do they give discounts if you tell them you're broke?]

[ Article crossposted from alt.politics.nationalism.white ]
[ Author was Milton Kleim ]
[ Posted on Thu, 30 Mar 1995 01:28:54 GMT ]

Announcing a new magazine for White racialists...


The Official Journal of the American Front

Premiere issue now available!


"2001 And Beyond" -- James Mason
"Eco-Fascism Finnish Style" -- Martin Krieggeist
"Democracy" -- Robert Heick
"Zhirinovsky: Champion of a New Russia?" -- Milton John Kleim, Jr.
"The Decline of the West" -- "Wes"
"Radio Free Euro-America Top 40 List"
"We Must Adopt a A Radical New Philosophy" -- Milton John Kleim, Jr.
"The Celts: A History and Mythology of Europe" -- Martin Krieggeist

Sample copy available for $4. Annual subscription (four issues) available
for $10.


_Revolutionary Nationalist_
American Front
PO Box 68333
Portland OR 97268



From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

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[ Author was Marcus ]
[ Posted on 19 Mar 1995 15:07:30 -0500 ]

I was browsing throught the internet when I stumbled upon this post.

It seems that the KKK is trying out an experimental Internet Chapter
of the KKK.

Date: 14 Mar 1995 15:38:40 -0500

I am conducting an experimental group strictly for the Internet. It is
called The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Internet Chapter.

We need to acquire a large number of members in order to be officially
sanctioned by the KKK National Office. After a period of time we will be
an official chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

The goal of The Ku Klux Klan is to provide the best for our children when
they grow up, and to show pride in our white heritage.

We are being discriminated here in the United States as well as across the
world. We need to secure a stable place for our white children, so they
do not have to live in fear of discrimination.

To receive an application for the Internet Knights group, simply send
email to:


You will receive an application as well as further information on what
the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is all about.

Proudly Yours,

K.G. Gatehouse
Grand Master

for more information send email to: kmg@nether.net
and request a KKK INTERNET application

(Im wonder whether the internet will become the unifier of white

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Subject: GLAAD MEDIA WATCH, March 24

From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

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[ Author was GLAADSFBA@aol.com ]
[ Posted on Sat, 25 Mar 1995 07:35:30 -0500 ]

* Calling All Queers . . . Media homophobe "Dr." James Dobson, host of
radio's "Focus on the Family," has published a "Corporate America and the
Homosexual Agenda Information Sheet." This Fact-Less Sheet includes the
phone numbers for ten AT&T executives and Dobson's listeners are urged to
call and demand that the company stop supporting "the homosexual agenda"
(i.e., ban lesbian/gay employee groups, cease corporate contributions to
AIDS/HIV support groups, etc.). A copy of the sheet can be had, at "Dr."
Dobson's expense, by calling 800-232-6459.

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