Benny Hinn

Subject: Re: The Winnipeg Homosexual Riot: The Week After
From: (Andrew J. Testa)
Date: 5 May 1995 15:44:40 GMT

The entity known as TarlaStar ( posted:

* Speaking of Larson and other Christian preacher types...Benny Hind
* (sp?) is coming to OKC next it worth the trouble of trying
* to get a ticket to go? I've never seen him, just seen references to
* him here in alt.slack.

"Bob's" nuts, YES! Benny is a CLOWN with a first rate healing act. He
"cures" the faithful by blowing on them, and they swoon and fall and
flail all over the place. There is/was a web page called Snake Oil
(whose URL I can't seem to find right now) that had a file titled "Benny
Hinn blew me" that details the exploits of one yeti who attempted to
get on stage for a healing blowjob from Benny. Whose got the URL?

Tarla; go, Go, GO! And as always, report on the fun!

/ Xenu stole my lunch money \
/ Andy Testa (KoX) I'm OT! I could KILL you with \
\ Contributing to the downfall of Scientology since 1995. /

* * * * *

Subject: Re: The Winnipeg Homosexual Riot: The Week After
From: (Purple Kitty)

*YES!!!* Benny Hinn can be the most enlightening source of both Xtian
evildoing and bulldada that you'll ever see...just make 100% sure he's
coming to do some healings. AFAIK, you'll have to put up with a bunch
of preaching, but then THE FUN BEGINS! He starts bringing people up on
the stage, then he asks them what's wrong, smacks them, they pass out
and are HEALED! "PRAISE CHEESES!" It's REALLY great when he gets on a
roll...he starts literally running around the stage just smacking
everyone around him, watching them pass out. It's fun watchining his
'posse' dive out of the way when that hand comes flying by...:-)

You should be able to find Hinn on any religious channel...don't tell me
you're fortunate enough to live in an area with none of those! On
cable, he shows up a LOT late at night on Trinity. He is...GREAT to
watch. I've nearly choked to death laughing at some of his healings.
One time he made the FIRST TEN ROWS of the audience collapse and fall

Reverend Pee Kitty, Faith Healer


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