FREE! 500 More Copies of the Anti-Holocaust Video of the Century!

From: (Modemac)

[NOTE from Modemac: The Holocaust never happened, and the eleven million
people who died ("only" six million were Jews) were just figments of your
imagination...implanted there, of course, by the great Jewish Conspiracy
(note the key phrase, folks!) to elicit pity and sorry for Israel.
Really. That's what the truth is. This guy says so himself - how can you
question something you see on TV? Though I bet all the free videos have
been given away by now...(I think I may have the eleven million figure
wrong, but it's some big number like that.)]

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[ Author was Dan Gannon ]
[ Posted on Thu, 23 Feb 1995 01:46:17 GMT ]

Free Copies of the Video that's Changing History As We Know It!

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name-calling is not working, so their last remaining weapons are terror
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This is the video that takes you INSIDE the disputed "gas chamber"
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Subject: Re: FREE! 500 More Copies of the Video of the Century!
From: (Jamie Siglar)

Just a puzzler: 10 million Jews went in, 4 million came out. Exactly
WHAT DID HAPPEN to the other 6 million, or did the Xian "Rapture"
already happen?

The total exterminated from 1936 to 1945 (via pogrom, firing squad,
labor, transport, and concentration camps) was 20 million. Half were
from Russian occupied territories (basically, everything east of the
Curzon line dividing Poland into Russian and German spheres of

The list of groups of "untermenschen" in order of priority (cf. Wannsee
Conference, among other surviving documentation) were:

"Defectives" (mostly mentally retarded children and adults)
"Perverts" (include here our homosexual colleagues)
"Communists" (I am SO grateful my German [socialist] ancestors left
Prussia in 1850)
"Jews" (I am SO grateful my Jewish ancestors left Austria-Hungary in
"Dissidents" (Most of the inmates of Dachau not immediately transported
east were priests and pastors who disagreed with the Reich, as well as
Europeans who hid and transported other designated victims)
"Slavs" (Everyone in the "Eastern Territories")
all other "Non-Aryans" (which I suspect includes Yeti-kin).

If the Nazi's had had time, the number of Jews killed would have paled
in comparison to the Slavs...

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