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Or: What a quarter-million dollars will buy you...

Note: In the past two years, much has been written - by secular
and Christian sources alike - about the activities and
practices of talkshow host Bob Larson, and questions
surrounding Bob Larson Ministries.

Rather than respond to inquiries in an open, Christlike
manner, Mr. Larson tends to attack those who question him,
going as far as making derogatory statements on the air.

One of his favorite targets is Ken Smith, who has
tenaciously researched and documented the allegations
against Larson.

As the above article shows, Ken Smith recently sued Larson
for libel. However, a simple fact about this country's
legal system is that the one with the most money has a
distinct advantage over the one who does not have the
luxury of deep pockets.

The following letter shows, in essence, what a
quarter-million dollars can purchase.

We received, from an anonymous source, a copy of a letter sent
to Mr. John Stewart, of the Law Offices of John Stewart, in
Orange, California. John Stewart represents Ken Smith in his
libel suit against Bob Larson. The letter, which by virtue of
it having been filed in connection with a motion in the suit is
in the public domain, was written by James R. Miller of Hopper
and Kanouff, in Denver, Colorado.

This is the content of said letter:

--- Start Of Letter --------------------------------------------

VIA FACSIMILE (714) 283-7111

John Stewart, Esq.
1122 East Lincoln Avenue, Suite 203
Orange, California 92665

Re: Smith v. BLM, et al.

Dear Mr. Stewart:

Please accept this correspondence pursuant to C.R.E. 408.

The settlement which you proposed on behalf of your client,
Mr. Ken Smith, to Paul Wood, Esq. on December 1, 1994 is not
acceptable to my clients.

Our Supplemental Disclosure Certificates and expert reports
are due on Monday, December 19, 1994. At that time, your client
will formally become aware that we have retained as testifying
experts in this matter Park Elliott Dietz, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.
and Daniel A. Martell, Ph.D. These well-known doctors are two
of the country's experts on stalkers and stalking behavior.
They are expected to render their opinions, _inter alia_, that
the Plaintiff is a stalker and that it was reasonable for the
Defendants to label the Plaintiff as a stalker. Their opinions
will be contained either in ther Supplemental Disclosure
Certificate or the expert reports. Their opinions, coupled with
the total lack of actual damages in this case, prompt the
following settlement offer.

The Defendant will accept the following in settlement of this

1. A letter signed by the Plaintiff for distribution to the
public which states that the following statements made by the
Plaintiff have, after further investigation, turned out to be
totally untrue:

a. That Bob Larson Ministries and Bob Larson solicit
funds when the funds are not needed;

b. That Bob Larson Ministries is guilty of criminal

c. That Bob Larson engaged in activities in his
personal life which were inappropriate for a

d. That Bob Larson is not the author of the books
that bear his name; and

e. That Bob Larson is a liar.

2. The claims of all parties must be dismissed, with
prejudice, each party to pay their own costs and attorney's
fees. This would include the Ministry's counterclaims.

3. The settlement would be global.

4. An order that the parties return all discovery materials
produced to each other and that the Court file be sealed.

5. Full and complete mutual releases would be executed.
(These releases would cover the activities of the parties from
the beginning of time to present.)

6. Neither party shall pay to the other monetary

Please consider this an offer of settlement pursuant to the
terms and conditions of C.R.S. 13-17-202

Very Truly Yours,


James R. Miller

--- End Of Letter ----------------------------------------------

Ken Smith has never hidden the fact that he is an unbeliever.
Some may question his actions or motivations, but with regard to
his statements about Bob Larson and Bob Larson Ministries he
does have the support of a number of highly-respected

I encourage you to pray for Ken. Should you wish to contact
him, you can do so by writing to:

Ken Smith
P.O. Box 280305
Lakewood, CO 80228
(Journalists can fax Ken at (303) 670-8777).

or by leaving an email to Ken Smith, on Christian BBS Abba II:


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